Saturday, August 18, 2012

August Random Phone Pics

Sorry! No swatch today. I do have something super wicked awesome to share, but it was all rainy and overcast today. :( No later than tomorrow. If it's still rainy then I'll just manufacture some decent indoor pics for you. I do have a teaser at the bottom if you can make it through the whole post! :D Yes, I'm fully aware you can just scroll down, but c'mon. Humor me?

This first pic is of a giant gecko that was watching me use the bathroom.

He didn't realize he was being captured for posterity. ;) This second one was just something I found quite amusing while grocery shopping with Brak.

Those aren't green beans. LOL Remember when I mentioned having some interesting eats to share that I kept putting off? Well, here it is.

Miso soup. I'm not really a big soup person so I added some plain ramen noodles and used the season packet from the miso soup. Never had miso soup before so I wanted to try it. It was good. At first. Got to be a bit much after a while, though.

Now for a quick laugh at my expense and a bit of an illustration for why I hate my hair!

You see that? That's what happens if I just let it air dry. Which wouldn't be so bad if those ringlets would keep their shape after combing, but no. If I don't comb my hair as it's drying then it turns into that mess and then into a frizzy mop mess. I try not to forget.

The other night I actually remembered to turn on the back porch light while taking Jet out.

Just struck me as kinda cool looking. Like these clouds we saw on the way to Dallas to pick up my dad today.

Pretty. One more pic before the teaser! Today is my sister's birthday (Happy Birthday, Sandra!!) and here's what happened when I told her happy birthday on her facebook wall:

She is so funny sometimes. Seriously, though, she really is my favorite. XD

As I said, today we made the drive up to Dallas. I took the opportunity to conduct a little experiment. Usually when we run to Dallas and back I'm flying down the highway at speeds reaching 90mph at times. That's over 150 miles, takes between two and three hours. Anyway, I was talking to someone about cruise control and I rarely use it (unless I need my knees to steer and my hands for something else temporarily) because on my mom's old van ('92 Voyager) the cruise control sucked. Now, normally my 80-90mph Dallas trip leaves me a quarter tank of gas. This time using cruise control I used a little over half a tank! O_o What?! That's with having to slow down and control my own speed because of the rain and improperly inflated tires! (my pressure gauge broke, I did get a new one when we got back) I wonder if I could do even better with clear skies and proper tires? Maybe I'll get to find out taking him back? The rain was a pretty big problem for a good chunk of the way back. So many wrecks, and we were almost in one! *yikes* "Almost". My brakes are in good shape and when conditions are sketchy I have a deathgrip on the stearing wheel so I was able to avoid the car in front of us and the cement barricade. *phew* Ok, I think I've rambled and made you squirm long enough. Good for you if you actually read through the entire post. If we ever meet, remind me I owe you a cookie. Ready for the teaser for tomorrow's post?

OMG!!! :D I'm loving the rain, but I hope hope hope I get a wee bit of sunshine so I can get some video of this for you! Hope everyone's enjoying their weekend.


  1. What are those things in the green beans

    1. Looks like worms... I was like, how can she remain so calm after seeing that?? Lol

    2. LOL!! I guess they kinda do, huh? Naw, just some slob dropped baby carrots in with the green beans and I found it amusing.


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