Saturday, August 11, 2012

A England: Camelot +Meteor Art & Essence: Prism@tic White

Yep, you saw that right: Prism@tic. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Things have been pretty wonky since my last post and for all of my good intentions... meh. Let's start at the beginning. Last night I started with one smooth, glorious coat of A England's Camelot:

"Hey, Lizzy, what's up with that messed up color?" I'm getting there...

Camelot is a perfect black cream, one coat, super quick dry. "Hey! Color!" Yes, yes, fine. *ahem* So last night it was my intention to get to bed early so that we could wake up early and get working on that koi pond before the sun reached it's hateful peak and scorched the earth. I was all sniffly and we both had the hardest time falling asleep. Even so I was determined to try and so I did wake up at 8am (an hour after I had my alarm initially set) and got these pictures in the morning light so I could get to the art before the "busy day" started. So that is why the color is all off. :p If you must know I passed out again shortly after my topcoat dried on the art below. You can either take my word that color-wise Camelot is your basic black cream (the remarkability is in the formula) or you can check out The Nail Buff's swatch since she also decided to post Camelot today. Fair enough? Good.

Now for my meteor shower inspired nail art!

I was actually pleasantly surprised with this one. I used the teeniest dotting tool and started with the elongated "meteors" and then just randomly dotted the stars. All those done with China Glaze Icicle. I tried to get the meteors shooting in more or less the same direction, but that didn't totally work out.

Left Hand:

Right Hand:

And the close-up:

Pretty. I'm really proud of it. Now the final (polish) part. Y'all should know by now how much I love the essence polishes. It kills me that they put out so many special collections that we never see here! So imagine my surprise when I walked into HEB one day and saw a display for an "essence:" display! It took me maybe two seconds to grab Prism@tic White.

I tried to get a picture of the back, but couldn't. What it says is: "Holographic nail polish for fascinating effects". Intriguing.

Woah! I'm going to have to try this over other colors. By itself there's kind of a pink/green thing going on. Over black it turns into a purple/teal duochrome! Why did it take me so long to try this?! Check the video:

Amazing topcoat that gives my meteors more of a deep-space feel. :D Love it.

OH! Mini-Story Time! *clears throat* A while back I was perusing Ninja Polish and completely fell in love with Jade's Magia Negra. I was going to get it and then A England had their big promotion sale, so my survey money went to that. Earlier this week I managed to earn enough to order it and... it was sold out. :( I'm not afraid to admit that after that heartbreaking bit of news I was more than a little put-out when Konadlicious swatched that very color on her blog. No fair. *pouts* Unwilling to accept defeat I signed up for an e-mail alert so I would know just as soon as it came in again. Last night I got that email and last night I ordered my own bottle. Take that. :p I don't know how long it will take to get here, but you can be sure as soon as it does it's going on my fingers.

You may or may not find this next bit interesting. It's interesting to me, but that's because it affects me personally. LOL We traded in our change jar yesterday and paid off The Sims 3 Supernatural expansion pack and also started up the pre-order for Sims 3 Seasons ep. So I (finally) updated our pre-order list and here's what it looks like:

That, my friends, is insane. lol Got the name of the game, the release date and how much we still have left to pay. That's why we pre-order. Can pay off $5-10 a week no problem. Also why Aaron's so eager to dig, so he can pay off Dishonored and Hitman on his own.

Last, but not least, Aaron got me a prezzie!

Hello Kitty slap-watch! :D C'mon, show of hands, how many of you expected polish? LOL He said he thinks they also have Keroppi, but I'll have to go in and determine that tomorrow. He knew for sure this was Hello Kitty because of her distinctive bow. The Keroppi may or may not be "just a frog". We'll see! I've been thinking I haven't been to Ulta in a while, but.... Keroppi watch can not be passed up. Besides, my mom's got another Georgetown appointment coming up so I should be saving for Sephora. ;) Hope everyone's having a great weekend!!


  1. Love the meteor shower design! It so pretty with the top coat, it really adds some depth. So funny about Aaron and the "may just be a frog" lol. Have to admit I don't know who Keroppi is either.
    My boyfriend calls Hello Kitty "Hello Shitty", always cracks me up. Boys can be funny :)

    1. OMG That's so mean! LOL Keroppi is Hello Kitty's frog friend. I'm so glad you like the design. :D It's fairly simple, but it actually turned out better than I pictured in my head. So happy.

  2. I like the design. I can do it myself :) Somethimes I see beautiful design and where i try to do them myself I can't :)

    1. Yay! That happens to me a lot, too. So many people come up with such amazing designs, but I could never pull them off. :/ Even with detailed tutorials! lol

  3. Such a cute design! I like it also because it's topical ;) meteors sound so cool but I've never seen one, you're lucky! I can't believe the colour difference of that essence!

    1. Technically any 'shooting star' is a meteor. August is a great time to see them because of the Perseid belt. I've got Stone Cold on now and I think I'm going to try the essence over it.... right before I take it off cuz this color is AWESOME! :D


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