Friday, August 31, 2012

Misa: Beyond Infinity & Essence Haul!!

*blinks* Looks like I have two more followers. (^_^) "/" Hi!! hehehe Hope you enjoy it here. So... I was sitting here trying to figure out which of my many Misas to try first. I kinda wanted to try one of the Sci-Fi ones first, because.... well, just because. I want to hold off on the risque sounding ones for when I'm really feelin' it. Get the biggest kick, ya know? So, I kinda wanted to try one of the Star Trek sounding ones (Phazers and Shields and all that), but... I felt like I had just worn those kinds of colors recently. After much internal debate I finally settled on Beyond Infinity. Which keeps reminding me of Toy Story...

That picture is actually a lot more blue than it looks it real life. It has a strong steel-grey tint to it. Like this:

Course, that's all assuming I can trust my monitor settings. Probably get on the laptop and realize it's reversed or something. :p That's two incredibly smooth coats. Didn't quite dry quickly, but it didn't take forever either. Next time I see quick-dry drops for 99cents I may give those a try. And the brush is just great. After yesterday's monster I hardly had any cleanup today.

Did I say "haul"? Yes, I believe I did. Aaron wanted to buy me those heels, but after re-trying them on I realized I'd never walk comfortably in them. And for $40 I'm going to be wearing the shoes. I tried on six pairs of heels in varying heights and the ones I would be able to walk in either grabbed my ankles (painfully) or were kinda ugly.... Still, he said when we started the koi pond that he was going to spoil me, so he handed me some money and sent me off to Ulta. I checked the polish boxes that I only recently discovered and after about 30 seconds decided to look around for a bit first. I'm glad I did, because right around the corner was the essence display with the new Colour & Go polishes!!

The new bottles are 3ml bigger than the old ones (8ml instead of 5ml), but they cost twice as much. Still, $2/bottle isn't bad so I grabbed all of the them. Well, all of the ones I needed. A handful were the same color/name as the old set. I'm pretty sure at least two are the same color with different names, but the names were different so I grabbed them. :D The ones I grabbed are: Gorgeous Bling Bling, Walk On The Wild Side, L.O.L., Oh My Glitter!, Grey-t To Be Here, Chic Reloaded, Fame Fatal, Off To Miami!, Party Princess and Date In The Moonlight. Off the top of my head LOL looks like Lime Up and Chic Reloaded looks like it might be Where Is The Party?. Some of the repeats included Black Is Back, Space Queen, Sweet As Candy, Modern Romance, Ultimate Pink and.... the blue one... Let's Get Lost. So there you have it. Course, that's just what we get here. I hope they rotate them, because check out what they're getting in Europe. 50 of them!!! *pouts* Some of those look sweet, too. We don't even get half the collection....

Anyway, after that we went by the mall and since the polishes only cost half as much as the shoes he bought me a t-shirt as well.

Sailor Neptune! Not my favorite, but she's up there. :) And, no, it hasn't been all about me. I used my half of the money to buy him another jug of latex and the beginnings of his Beetlejuice costume. hehehe So we spoiled each other.

I haven't been mentioning it (other than the cash-out), but I beat the goal every day this month on SwagBucks! Again! So I'll be getting another hefty bonus boost. hehehe A England, I'm coming for you next! XD Y'all be safe out there. Apparently it's a holiday weekend.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wet n Wild: Glowstick +Nail Mail!

Question: How many neon green polishes does one girl really need?
Answer: All of them!!!

Like I mentioned yesterday, Glowstick is from Wet n Wild's Fergie collection. It's a beautiful neon green with a light gold shimmer.

It was looking an awful lot like I'm With The Lifeguard, so I went ahead and put that as the 3rd coat on my thumb:

Nope. Is different. Lifeguard has that silver shimmer and Glowstick has the gold. :) Looks like the same base color, though. lol Now, yes, you read that right. This is three coats and there's still a bit of VNL. I was probably going to do something, but I feel like I'm just always so busy lately. :/ Aside from being a tad sheer (which Lifeguard was not), the formula was really nice and smooth. I did have a bit of a surprise, though....

Aw c'mon Fergie, wtf? The brush is as wide as my pinky nail, which I could have shown if I had 3 hands. Still, look at that! Ok, I don't know how much Fergie actually had to do with this collection, but it's her name so I'm gonna say it's her fault. :p Somebody should have stepped up and said a brush that wide was a bad idea. I literally could not get a thin coat and got polish all over my fingers and with three coats clean-up was a nightmare. So my advice is if you have smaller nails, don't get this unless you have to have the color.

OMG So I totally didn't check the trackers this morning (cuz I'm trying really hard to not be neurotic) and look what was on my doorstep (ok, technically it's a ramp) this afternoon!!

I think I might've sensed this one, too, because I was in a pretty good mood for most of the day for absolutely no reason. :p Look what's inside!

So much polish! :D I spent the better part of two hours taking pictures and updating my spreadsheet and stash page. LOL Which, if you want to preview all of the Misas before I get to them, you can find there. On my stage page. Link's up top. I only got three China Glazes, so you can actually see all of those in the picture:

Swanky Silk, Kiwi Cool-Ada, and Rose Among Thorns which is supposed to be a "true red neon". We'll see! And the Misas:

(Typing up for the fourth time today)Spaced Out, Beyond Infinity, Phazers on Stunning, The Great Green Whatsit, Shields Up, Quirky Smile, Spinning Out of Control, Like It Like That, It's You!, Perfect Kiss, When U Say My Name, Sorry Just Can't Help It, A Sin Worth Committing, and Forbidden Lust. *phew* Don't you just love those names?! I really can't wait to start swatching. Some of them I wasn't even sure how to describe the color on my spreadsheet so I might have to do some altering after seeing the color in the sun. So exciting!! Hopefully my silver holo and Keroppi plate will get here soon, too. :D Hope everyone's having a great week. Almost Friday!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Julep: Sienna Stamped

omg I'm late I'm late I'm late. I'll never get this posted before midnight, but I'm gonna try!

Sienna was kind of a midway between the old SH Chromes and the new Julep metallics. It actually reminded me a lot of the Color Club Foiled polishes.

Went on smoothly and while it wasn't totally quick dry, it did actually dry fully within an hour. I'm not usually a fan of gold, but I don't have a yellow gold like this, so yay!

It did get me thinking while I was applying it. Did I just re-buy Antiquated?

Nope! All clear. Antinquated is more of a white gold sorta. By comparison? I dunno. They're different so: Yay! I wanted to try some more stamping so I broke out Lancelot and BM plate 207.

See? 207. LOL I don't know why, that diagonal lines design just kinda called out to me.

Cool! Not perfect, but I am a bit out of practice. And I wasn't really that good to begin with. After Aaron helped his dad and cousin move some furniture and stuff we went to Walmart and he treated me to some polish. :) I picked up two of the Wet n Wild Fergie colors. I'll tell you one is the star glitter (because I seriously can't stop myself) and the other one is a wicked awesome surprise that I will be sharing tomorrow! *look* 11:30! Yay!! See y'all tomorrow! :D

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

NYC 107A & Starry Silver Glitter

(*whispers* "I don't wanna post this, it's too bad!" "Oh just do it, maybe no one will notice?" "Are you kidding me? It's awful!" "It's not that bad, quit being a baby." "Shut up, you're a baby." "Am not." "Are too!" "SSSsssshhhhh! Just post it, they'll understand." "OMG fine. Bully." "Whatever.")

*ahem* Hi, everybody! :D Today I have for you a very unfortunate polish. Still trying to get these "meh" ones out of the way before my haul gets here. I'd like to reach a point where I can't decide because I'm so excited about everything in my stash. So last night I pulled out NYC 107A. Yep, another nameless polish!

107A is a sheer pink shimmer. It's old, but I'm pretty sure it's the same color it was when I bought it. Unlike some polishes that turned off-colored over time. This is three coats that were taking forever to dry, but thankfully I picked up a fresh bottle of NutraNail Speed Dry and that helped.

(*whispers* "Do you think they noticed?" "Uhm... yeah, it totally looks like they noticed." "Damnit! Told you." "Just post that other picture, it'll be fine.")

Hi again. You're probably wondering what happened to my nails. Tragic story. For weeks I've been telling myself to trim them down before something disastrous happened and, well... I waited too long. I was cleaning some rogue polish from under my pinky nail and....

SNAP! *ugh* So I took the opportunity to clip them all down because I definitely prefer my nails all the same length. It feels weird typing and texting, but they'll grow back.... I guess on the bright side full-nail stamping should be easier for a while, eh? Just looks like I have little kid fingers.... Anyway, length aside I never did like this polish. It's too frosty and too sheer. Not near as pretty as I was hoping it would be, but glitter makes everything better, right?

One coat of NYC Starry Silver Glitter. Dried quickly and I only had to fish a very little bit for big pieces. There's some silver micro-glitter in there with bigger pink and blue hex-glitters. HEB had a coupon so I got this for something like 45cents. NYC just really doesn't impress me much, except that they do have a matte topcoat which will be nice when my Warpaints Beauty finally runs out.

I think I like it better in the bottle. Maybe over black it would be nice, though. I mean, it's nice, but in an "ok" kind of way. Should get me through the day anyway. I think tonight I'll try out my last Julep and see if Sienna is more like Harley with the density and quick dry, or more like Melanie and Piper with the infuriating sprinkled jelly base. We'll see. *ugh* Time to get ready to take my mom to Temple. Hope everyone's having a great week.

Monday, August 27, 2012

LA Girl: Polar Opposite & Surprise!!

Last night I was all jacked up and ready to prepare for Magnetic Monday. As much as I wanted to try the new Sinful Colors one I picked up I knew I had to use LA Girl Polar Opposite; otherwise I'd feel like I was just putting it off again. So I started with the thin base layer.

Since Sandy found that post on making your own magnets I really wanted to try it. Go here and you see the wobbly design in the goldish polish? She says it looks like a flower, I thought it looked like a black hole and that's the one I wanted to do. So I followed her directions...

It looked right. Well, more-so before I snipped it down to size. When tested on my palette, however...

WTF is that?.... *sigh* Whatever. It's still kinda cool in it's own rights. Unfortunately this magnet was extremely hard to use and the design didn't quite transfer onto the nail the way I had hoped.

Ah well. A valiant effort. I'll see if I can make up some kind of holder for it so I can get the magnet closer to my nail. Still, I wanted that "black hole" feel so I went ahead and used the bulls-eye that came with the polish.

I love how this little magnet just pops out of the top of the handle. And it was strong enough that I wasn't hindered by the lack of cuticle-guide.

Ultra neat. And even though some fingers had upwards of four coats (trying really hard to get my home-made magnet to work), everything was done and dried before bed. No sheet marks!

This morning I was woken up about an hour early with a text. I didn't mind so much, but I wasn't ready to get up yet. Until I checked my email on my phone and my SwagBucks payment went through! I flew out of bed, jumped on the computer to confirm and started placing orders.

That is my 17 polish haul from I also ordered Jade: Psicodelica (the silver holo) and a Sanrio stamping plate from and a new stamper from eBay. I still have, like, $6 left so I could have gotten one more, but I think I'll let it sit. Apparently A England is releasing a new "Gothics" collection and now I have my new SwagBucks goal! Another $100 payout exclusively for A England. :D Yep, I'm totally gonna. Maybe by Christmas? *fingers crossed*

All of that excitement got me in the mood for some stamping. As it turns out, I don't really have any alien designs. :/ Something to keep in mind, I suppose. So I picked this swirly design off of BM plate 224 and got to stamping with Sally Hansen Platinum Chrome.

Kinda hard to see with the glare. I wanted to matte it anyway....

Ok, it's pretty subtle. I wanted subtle, but not subtle subtle. Live and learn. Still, I wanted a bit more... After much debate I decided that the seahorse on Salon Effect plate SE19 looked enough like an alien...

I stamped that with... uh... Oh yeah, KleanColor Metallic Black. If I had thought about it I would have tried with Magia Negra for a little holographic "alien". That woulda been neat.

This is still pretty cool, though. I have to admit I really like the stark stamping over the subtle magnetic effect. Gives me ideas for future designs. :) And for those of you wondering if I really did get all that haul money online or if I just paid it myself for referrals:

There you go. $100 paypal deposit made by SwagBucks. It's not too late to get in on this. Just click here, sign up, and get to earning! Since signing up back in April I've cashed out $120. Which is a lot when you're talking about free online money... Unless you're Lacey who gets mad referrals on Copious. :p

Hey, lookit that! Didn't post before we headed out to grab supper and now I have something to add! I got some Hello Kitty stuffs from one of my long-time e-friends and my nail art brushes finally got here! To think, I was about to refer the transaction to the resolution center. Yay!!! Now to figure out what I'm going to do with my nails for tomorrow and *hopefully* get the last 39SBs I need for today's goal. *fingers crossed* Hope everyone's week is off to a great start. :)

Sunday, August 26, 2012

KleanColor: Green Grass +plus

Oh my goodness. Today just ended up being full of surprises and now I feel all rushed to get ready for tomorrow. O_o Started off simply enough. I painted my nails with two coats of KleanColor Green Grass with the idea that I was going to try out my new stamping plates.

There is a bit of VNL after two coats, but it's such a pretty pure green and I was going to stamp anyway so I didn't worry about it too much.

I had enough time to reach my SwagBucks goal and play about an hour of Skyrim before my dad informed me that we had to leave for Dallas. Aw. So we re-packed up the car and headed out. The trip was pretty uneventful for the most part. Until this horrid downpour in Waxahachie! I couldn't see 50ft in front of me so I just shadowed this semi and concentrated on staying behind his tail lights and maintaining my distance. He was my guiding light. I'm actually really glad that he kept on truckin' cuz a lot of people pulled off to the side. That's how bad it was. We didn't have that kind of time, and neither did my guide, so we pushed through and made it safely out of the storm. :) Thank you Mr. Truck Driver Guy!! There were some sprinkles after that, and we did get a bit wet packing up my dad's truck, but nothing like that. Thankfully.

Since it was a bit later than we usually drop him off, Aaron and I were kind of hungry. He spotted a Taco Cabana that looked good to him on the way up, so that's where we stopped on the way back down. He'd been missing it since we don't have one here anymore and I've never been. It was fun to be able to just stop and eat so far away from here.

I got two regular beef tacos and he got two brisket tacos. :) I also tried their mango sweet tea and it was so much better than the peach sweet tea at Popeye's. A lot milder fruit flavor. So we just got home about an hour ago. I didn't feel like it would be worth the time to try and meticulously stamp a full mani, but I still wanted to try out at least one of my plates! So I compromised with myself.

Bundle Monster plate #BM-203.

Skittled! LOL Oh, hold on, I have it matte-ed to reduce glare...

I wasn't really trying, but I was kinda trying. I think I want to invest in one of those little stampers. From videos I've seen it looks like it might be bigger around than the Salon Express one I have. Pretty sure they have those for a buck or so on eBay so it won't break my heart if it doesn't work any better. Worth a shot!

So here I am with two days of blogs to catch up on and a magnet to make for tomorrow! Plus emails to go through. *fingers crossed* Hopefully tomorrow I'll have something super wicked awesome to share with you guys. :)

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Revlon: Shady & Metallic Crackle Skittles

Digging is done! Or should be. If she still wants work done under the bridge we'll do it, but it looks done. *phew* Also, I have another polish with a story! Revlon: Shady from their old Street Wear line.

This is another that I got from Ricky. The formula was a lot better than Mango, which is kind of weird cuz I'm pretty sure it has to be older. I put off wearing this one because every time I looked at it I thought it was another gunmetal grey.

It's a deep olive green with shimmers. O_o Who knew? As old as it is, it went on very smoothly in two even coats. It did take almost 3 hours to "fully" dry and I did still end up with dings while I was out shopping. Still... not bad. I mean, how old is this polish anyway? I haven't seen Street Wear in ages!! LOL I did have another teeny little problem....

Opening the bottle! I had to grab a pair of pliers. Ah well. At least the bottle didn't crack. :p

So... yesterday on facebook Lacey posted that she found the new Orly glitters at Sally's for $2.50. That put me in the mood for some adventurous retail therapy! So I woke up early this morning, checked to see if Brak still wanted me to meet her at Kohl's, and then headed for the Sally's nearest my house. They had squat. Seriously, next to nothing and absolutely no clearance polish. :/ Bummer. Still, they put a Sally's into the Height's plaza for a reason, right? Off I headed!! Unfortunately they didn't like me much either. Except that they did have a basket of 2 for $3 polishes! All of which, as it turns out, were the old China Glaze Metallic Crackles.

I grabbed Cracked Medallion and Latticed Lilac. They were having a sale for an additional 50% off all clearance items so I got those for 75cents each! I also came home and researched and now Platinum Pieces is the only one I'm missing from that collection, so... I'll have to see if completing it matters to me. lol I had to run into Target for a few essentials and you will not believe what I found!

Ok, I didn't even know that Sinful Colors had magnetics! Secondly, this was the only one. No display, no others. It wasn't even in the computer so I got it for $1.99 like the rest of the SCs. Didn't find out 'til I got home that it was supposed to be $4.99. Ah well, lucky for me! When I got home (shortly after my Metallic Crackle revelation) I decided to pull out all of the ones I do have and skittle me up some crackle!

That was just for fun. I'll still do proper swatches of the ones I haven't yet. When we got home from digging Aaron hid a surprise that came in the mail for me. :)

My Bundle Monster plates got here already!! That was fast!! I can't wait to try them out and there are even Halloween images I didn't even see on the little amazon preview! *dies* Oh, and I picked up another SC glitter while I was in Walgreens.... What? I had to see if they had the magnetic ones, didn't I? Not like I stopped by the one on the way home to see if they had the new metallic Nabis. I mean, I thought about it, but I didn't. :p I will, though. Just as soon as we get paid for finishing up the pond. LOL Hope everyone's having a safe and fun-filled weekend!!