Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ulta: Bombshell & NYC: Madison Avenue

*sings* "Hey Mr Postman, look and see. Is there a letter in your bag for me?"..... Not yet. lol On the bright side I did make it through a whole week of glitters! I kind of wish I hadn't saved this one for last because I hated it, but it's off now and I can do something different for tomorrow! :D Today's glitter? Ulta Bombshell which I picked on my first trip to Ulta back in February. I just re-read the post and I did say "I almost didn't pick this up, but for a dollar".... -_- Because, ya know, I hate red polish! (except for Perceval which I lurves)

It's a sheer red jelly base with silver/holo glitters. That is all. LOL It applied smoothly, but I can't say for drying time because, seriously, I painted it on, took the pictures and then took it all off. Last night was a nightmare with my underwear polish. NYC Madison Avenue.

Ok, wtf is up with heavily pigmented sheers? It looks like it wants to be a jelly. That's three coats. Oh, and that "quick dry New York Minute" business? Bull. Dry to a light touch in a minute, maybe, but I did my nails over an hour before bed. Two coats. The third I did as a courtesy before pictures. I think the only reason I bought this polish was because I have a niece named Madison who was born in NY. Maybe if my skin really was all pale like in that bottom picture I'd like red polish more.... but it's not. The whole time I was applying this my brain was screaming "Toe color toe color TOE COLOR!!" XD *ahem*

If you're on facebook and haven't yet, go "Like" A England!!! Why? You need a reason?! Check this out:

They're at just under 4,700 as I'm typing this so GO GO GO!!! What's the surprise going to be? I dunno, but I want to know! Maybe new colors? Maybe a big ol' sale? I don't know!! Yeah, I'm pretty jacked up over this.

Since I don't have pictures of fancy new polishes to share with you yet, which is nobody's fault (not even the Romans), I'll leave you with a shot of my mom's dog. Knocked out cold on my bed.

Almost made Aaron cry because Elvis used to sleep like that all the time. :/ *sigh* Hope everyone's week is going smoothly. Tomorrow? Something not glitter!


  1. That red looks nice on you! I can't believe you still haven't got it :( I hope I wrote the address correctly :|. Mm I'm excited about the a-england fb thing too but someone comented on it saying "15th July Adina not 15th August" :O :O I hope it isn't July cos will they get 300 more likes in three days? LOL

    1. I think that was a joke because of how quickly it jumped up? I hope so. LOL I hope you wrote it correctly, too! ;) I'm sure it'll get here. It's just making up for the time zone difference? lol

  2. Oi flor,adorei o blog e ja estou te seguindo,me siga de volta...
    Larissa Calvo

  3. The first colour with the glitters is super nice.


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