Monday, July 9, 2012

Sinful Colors: Hottie, Pinky Glitter & Essence: Ultimate Pink

I have now entered the "sniffly, sneezy, itchy nose" segment of whatever sickness I picked up. Aaron is now insisting I take medication. BAH! I hate the itchy nose part. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be all better. I hate taking pills....

Anywho, I have these two similar (yet different!) glitters from Sinful Colors: Pinky Glitter and Hottie. See?

I had a bit of a hard time picking base colors. Wanted to try something other than essence, but apparently essence makes really good layering bases. LOL *ahem* They don't seem that similar at first glance:

Strange because it appears that the glitter in Hottie leans more blue/green and the glitter in Pinky Glitter leans more pink/yellow, right? Not as much....

Awesome trick, right? I mostly wanted to show how they look alone there (the not-blue half is Pinky Glitter), but you can see that the glitter colors are about the same in both with pink in the blue and blue in the pink!

I was hoping to get four polishes linked with this post, but.... Walk On Air was the only blue cream I had that came close. At least I got to knock off Ultimate Pink! Another awesome Colour & Go cream. Nobody's updated the essence displays around here and there are still slots marked "DC".... :( I want more!!!

Welp, I do have some bad news. Before the day was out I got another refund from Beautiful Scratchers without even a note saying when my coveted plate would be in. *le sigh* I was sad, then angry and have since deleted the link from my favorites. I'm not going to keep trying if she can't be bothered to update her website. I spent a bit of time trolling Ninja Polish and found a few things. First a decent (if not quite as good) Sanrio plate substitute and some awesome, affordable holos!

I want those. Unfortunately I'm $1 internet-monies shy from being able to afford both at the moment. So I'm going to keep working at it. If I can get OpinionOutpost back up to the $10 paypal cashout I can get myself the silver holo, too.... hehehe OH! I almost forgot! Those glow-in-the-dark polishes I ordered a couple of weeks ago? They just shipped! *falls over* I got the email with the tracking number this morning. Just left Singapore. Time to find some underwear for my next glitter. Purple is so hard to properly match with the "cool" and the "warm" and such. Ah well. Hope everyone had a great weekend! :D *achoo* lol

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