Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sinful Colors: Frenzy & Revlon: Perplex

Feeling a little better. Just.... dehydrated. *pleh* Also, I'm so tired of glitter!! lol I did get some great news earlier (I'll share soon enough, be patient!) so hopefully I'll have something super awesome and totally different and not glitter soon. Almost knocked them all off of my list, though, so there's that to be happy about. Here we are on Day 6, Glitter #7. Sinful Colors: Frenzy:

My camera did not like this one, so I just picked the most color accurate pics.

Frenzy is a fairly dense reddish-toned purple and teal glitter mix. You can see on my ring finger that I did remember a black nail this time. :p It actually didn't overpower either of the colors and looks really festive. Reminds me of this sparkly party dress I used to have. Anyway, it went on smoothly (for a glitter) and... I don't know about drying time. I knew we'd be heading out soon so I topcoated. Sorry. lol

The non-black base for this glitter ended up being Revlon: Perplex.

I wasn't all "into the scene" when the "omg it's a Chanel dupe" hype surrounded this polish. I only grabbed it because it was a dollar at Big Lots and looked like a nice purple. It is a nice purple, but I would never pay Chanel prices for it....

Had another little mishap. Totally dry polish before my decongestive steam shower last night. :p Ah well. This one was almost a one-coater, actually, which surprised me. I was expecting it to be very sheer and it wasn't. Awesome.

See? A dollar. Years ago. Picked it up and never wore it. I do have another glitter lined up just in case, but hopefully tomorrow I'll have something completely different and totally awesome to share. :D *fingers crossed*

While waiting for the mailman I'll be sitting here watching SBTV. SwagBucks saddled me with a 100point goal for the day and so far I've had no luck with the surveys. *boo* So I'm trying to do it the hard way. I wanted to Sim.... Ah well. Almost halfway to my insane haul. Almost halfway..... lol ;)


  1. wait Day 6, Glitter #7? did i miss an extra glitter?

    1. I guess. lol I did two yesterday. Pink and blue.

  2. So much glitter, I bet your poor fingers and cuticles are all dry from all the remover! Wow a dollar for a decent polish...amaze! Lol

    1. lol They are starting to hate me a bit. I haven't needed the 100% acetone, though, so it's not as bad as it could be. *fingers crossed* Last day coming up and I'll have done a whole week's worth of glitter! Insane. lol


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