Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sinful Colors: Call You Later & Essence: High Spirits

I am definitely congested and achy now. *boo* Still rockin' the glitter, though! I picked up Sinful Colors Call You Later a loooooong time ago. What can I say? It was green a sparkly, a combination I could not resist, but also could not bring myself to bother with. Partly because I knew it was going to be a sparse glitter and... well... just couldn't be bothered. I'm wearing it now, and I can't believe I ever doubted it!

Look at that! It may not be full coverage, but I really like that it isn't. Over the right base (which I'll get to) it's got this whole sparkly swamp vibe. In a totally good way! Reminds me of bogs and frogs and moss, but it's glitter!

It's got fine gold glitter and small lime and emerald green glitters. The combination is just fantastic. I thought you might be interested to see Call You Later in a bit more of a full-coverage state, so I did up my pinky with three coats (the rest are just one coat) to show you! Aren't I swell? lol

LOL It looks Christmasy! XD With luck I think one more coat would cinch it.

On to the base. I debated for quite some time on this one. I wanted a green to capture the essence, but I didn't want a color so green that it washed out the glitter. I really wanted to get one of my Ulta greens out of the way, but those were too green, too bright. After much debate I finally decided on the khaki green beauty by essence: High Spirits.

Lovely. Not in an "oooh, pretty!" kind of way, but in a subtle, more natural kind of way. Unfortunately my swatch is a bit misleading. This is two smooth coats that were 100% dry in half an hour. Honestly, clacky dry! I was thrilled. I guess last night's rain jacked up the humidity a bit too high and so I ended up with sheet marks. :( Not a big deal since I was going to glitter it anyway, but something to keep in mind I suppose.

There is another little issue I keep having and.... I just can't explain it.

You see that line of bubbles? That keeps happening! Always on my thumb, always in the same spot, just like that. How bizarro is that? I've almost gotten my index finger squovally like the rest (in spite of a near-break last week), but now my middle finger is doing something odd. One of the edges started to curl under. -_- So it's a little less squovally because the edge was digging into my finger. I don't know if it's a growth thing or just that I buffed them too thin so it's lost integrity in that spot. I don't know.

For those of you who weren't here back in December, I tried to order this plate from Beautiful Scratchers:

I received a refund, discount code and a note stating that this plate would not be available until Summer. Well, guess what? It's Summer! Everybody keep your fingers crossed. Last night I cashed out some survey money and have once again tried to order this awesome plate. I have a bit leftover in my paypal so now I'm trying to decide if I want to just let it sit or order myself this interesting Chinese polish I spied on eBay.... Oh, but I'm still waiting on my glow polishes from China! Why do I keep ordering things from China? It's takes forever to get here!! Maybe I should just transfer it to my checking and start working on some of those Nubars on my Amazon Wishlist.... See what I did there? LOL Ok, I'm rambly. Time to get back to SBTV and working on the next glitter installment! :D Hope everyone's enjoying the weekend.


  1. Very swampy! I really like the underwear though, pretty and natural ;). Lol 'clacky dry' hahha I knew exactly what you meant by that!

    1. I do, too. I can't believe I avoided it for so long. Just a few more glitters to go! lol


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