Friday, July 6, 2012

Sim Legathree #19

With another little one on the way, the Panthos family decided it was time to hire an architect (me) to redesign their home. House-building isn't my forte, nor is it my favorite thing to do in Simland, but I graciously accepted their offer and sent them all out for the day.

Zelda and Nel spent the day at the beach fishing and discussing all manner of pregnancy related topics.

Boros, ever the eccentric one, decided to head to the laundromat and try his hand at doing some laundry. (I have not added a laundry room to the home because with so many Sims it really gets to be a hassle and the maid does a crap job of keeping up with it)

Ares went back to his old Library stomping-grounds and popped out another novel! A non-fiction addition to his Panthos Legacy series.

Yvette and Cosmo headed straight for the gym to engage in a friendly mother-son weight-lifting competition. A competition which was, sadly, cut short when Yvette had to leave for softball practice.

It wasn't fun, and it wasn't easy, but after 3 (real world) days I finally managed a home that was big enough, decent looking and (hopefully) not too difficult for the Panthos' to get around.

For some reason two-stories seem to be loading easier and more smoothly than one spread out floor.

The top floor contains the bedrooms. The big empty room to the left will serve as an attic.

The downstairs has the living room, dining room, kitchen, library, gym and "work room" with the sculpting and potion making stations.

The family likes their new home and were very appreciative of my efforts. Their joy was short-lived, however, when Ares went out to check the mail....

Barring tragedy and misadventure, old age comes for every Sim.

Ares lived a long, full life and fulfilled his Lifetime Wish so he has been honored with a fancy memorial.

The family has invested in a square of land behind the mausoleum. They fenced off the area and erected some shelves to display the family urns.

With death comes new life. Nel is really showing now and the baby isn't too far off. Cosmo is obviously excited and trying to establish contact with the new life form early.

Zelda is, understandably, heartbroken. It is some comfort that from her Foul banana seed she was finally able to draw out absolutely Perfect bananas. Perhaps this is a good sign for the future. Sign or not, this new bundle of joy is sure to be an interesting addition to the family.

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