Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sim Legathree #18

After their successful wedding ceremony, Cosmo and Nel Woohoo-ed and then slept like babies. The next morning Cosmo printed out their tickets and they headed for Champs le Sims, a romantic little village in France.

They took in all of the touristy sights. Starting with the local winery. They talked it over and decided that they absolutely had to have one of those nectar makers for their home. Who knows? Maybe someone will want to learn how to make nectar some day? It's for the future!

On their way back to the "home base" they stopped by the Cafe to sample some local cheeses. A Sim simply can't visit France without sampling the local cheeses.

Of course, this is their honeymoon and they did spend plenty of time getting cozy. The romantic ambiance of Champs le Sims is perfect for bringing a couple "closer".

The next morning Cosmo awoke to a note on the bed. "Went shopping, enjoy breakfast". Women. Right? He went downstairs and on the counter was a Perfect plate of Crepes. When did Nel learn how to cook?

Well, I don't know. I do know that she spent nearly all day at the book store making sure to buy a copy of every book in stock! She's not a Bookworm, at least as far as I know, but perhaps we'll be seeing a proper library on the Panthos property before long?

While Nel was out spending a small fortune, Cosmo decided to work on his Handiness skill and give back a little to future visitors to Champs le Sims. He made the stove and fireplace fireproof and several of the toilets unbreakable. The helpfulness he learned in Scouts has certainly carried over into his adult life. Good job, Cosmo!

Well what have we here? On their last morning in France I caught Nel pulling off this little trick. Apparently Genies are able to pull Perfect serving plates of food out of thin air! I guess that will give Boros more time to sculpt. Interesting.

Upon returning home, the family settled back into their normal routines. Cosmo is still working on his Physical skill, determined to make it into space.

Zelda has been keeping a close eye on Nel. She can sense a great-grandchild on the way, and Nel has the morning sickness to prove it. I wonder where the new nursery is going to go....

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