Monday, July 2, 2012

Sim Legathree #17

After being freed from the bonds of the lamp, the fate of her brother has weighed heavily on Nel. After spending some time with Zelda, she had an idea.

She proposed a trade. Nel would take on the responsibilities of tending the garden and selling the produce so she could gain the necessary experience of carrying it on if Zelda would befriend her brother (Oliver) and attempt to free him from the lamp. Zelda was more than happy for a break from all that bending over and quickly agreed.

The garden isn't fully Nel's just yet. She can't plant the eggs, cheese, burgers or steaks just yet, but she has quickly gained the experience needed for the more Rare seeds and her Green Thumb trait makes her a natural. Surely one of the other restaurants in town will contact her with the challenge soon enough.

Zelda and Oliver got along famously. You wouldn't think that an old woman and a genie would have too much in common, but the one thing they did have bound them quickly. The desire for Oliver to be free before the upcoming wedding! Nel will be so surprised to have her brother present.

Before long Zelda found herself following the same procedure Cosmo used to free Nel. First with the freezing and the heating...

Followed by the trip into the catacombs underneath the mausoleum. Oliver is free and with plenty of time before the wedding!

Zelda asked him where he would be staying and offered to pay for a room or apartment somewhere. Oliver would have nothing of it. He planned to sell off his gold genie-remnants and start his free life proper by getting a job and working his way up, just like any other Sim. He'd be sure to make it for the wedding, though. Nothing would keep him from seeing his kid sister happy.

Boros and Yvette have been working hard. Between her training and his sculpting they both felt perfectly justified indulging in a bit of skinny dipping in the hot tub. Looks like they're posing.... Silly Sims.

Finally Saturday arrived!! Ares (Hates the Outdoors) and Boros (Loner) set their discomfort aside and greeted all of the guests as they arrived. So many people showed up for the first Panthos wedding celebration! So many friends from work and town and the happy couples' families, of course. Oliver arrived as promised and even Belinda made it back from France for the day!

The ceremony went smoothly enough, even though so many Sims on the lot made things a bit confusing to coordinate (for Frankenputer, it's kind of automatic).

Even so the couple exchanged rings and had their first kiss as Mr and Mrs Panthos! Everyone ooohed and aaaahed and cried. It was a beautiful event.

Nel cut the cake and everyone gathered around for a slice. Well, mostly everyone. Yvette had to run off to work, Boros couldn't take the crowd any longer and went into his secluded sculpting studio and Ares had had enough of the bugs and sunlight and ran back into the comfort of the house. Everyone else stayed around for the cake.

Zelda hung around to make sure everyone got a slice and was seated comfortably. She is a Party Animal, after all, and made the perfect hostess.

The evening finished off with the couple's first dance together. Their day ended with them exhausted, but oh so happy. Tomorrow they leave for their honeymoon in Champs le Sims.

Everyone loves a party and the gathered crowd had an amazing time. Few more so than Zelda who grinned even through cleaning up. Looks like more leftover cake! Not to mention the prospect of getting to see a great-grandchild in the near future. A great-grandchild who's half-Genie and a quarter-Imaginary? Should be interesting.

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