Monday, July 23, 2012

Revlon: Milky Way (It's Moon Candy!)

LOL Ok, I'm not sure but I think I'm just a tad disappointed in the flakies here, but I'm just stuck on that Moon Candy thing. Futuristic. Revlon's Milky Way is one of those double-ended polishes. I found it only slightly more difficult to handle than a normal brush. The base is a dark grey cream that went on very smoothly and (thankfully) was opaque in only one coat!

Each of the flakey combos in the Moon Candy line come with a coordinating base. The polish name is on the flakey side, so I don't know if Milky Way is the name of the combo or just the flakes.

*shrugs* I chose the silver-holo flakies because the combo looked best on the little swatches at the bottom of the display.

There is a bit of rainbow flash in them, but not as much as I had expected. Or hoped for.

The base is a bit thick and I did have to fish for flakes. I dunno. It's pretty, but... I just expected a little bit more in the rainbow department. It does have kind of a "Moon Candy" feel to it, but.... I dunno. Here's the video:

What do you think? Am I being picky? Maybe there's something wrong with my eyes.... Anyway, since it wasn't really wow-ing me I had no problem breaking out the matte topcoat and giving that a shot.


This may sound stupid, but it's more flat than I expected. Like someone imposed a Sepia filter on my nails. :p Here's another video anyway.

*shrugs* I'm sure I'll mess with it again at some point. I know it doesn't count as "art", but just because I was bored I swooshed a diagonal of shiny topcoat across my nails.

Meh. I think the concept has promise. Just needs a little work.

OMG, though! I've got Indigo Illusion on now and it's freakin' SWEET!! :D Just you wait 'til tomorrow. You're gonna love it. You know what else you'll be loving?

*SQUEEE!* I think Adina has faeries shipping her polishes. How else could this beat Nothin' Mousie 'Bout It which is coming from Illinois? Faeries. Dudes! I'm so torn! I know it's early but I'm so not ready to remove Indigo Illusion yet!! LOL Gonna have to make the hard choice of which to wear first.... I'm leaning towards Holy Grail. I mean, c'mon! Ooooh, but Tristam has that lovely holo.... *groans* What do you think? Any suggestions? Indigo Illusion coming tomorrow! That's all I can say for sure at this point.

Remember last month when I swatched Zoya Zuza? Well, check this out! Looks so amazing on Abbie's long, elegant nails. :D Perfectly summery.

Ok *phew* Time to go update my stash page with my newest babies. Chloe has been shipped and so have my nail art supplies. Only 8 more days to my 300 bonus SBs! So far so good meeting those daily goals. Not always easy, but I'm so close it's quite exciting. OpinionOutpost is a bit slow again, but hey, they paid for my A Englands so I can forgive. Ok, I'm just putting off coding at this point so I'll go now. lol Hope everyone's week is off to a great start!


  1. Hmmmm I too am not impressed with the moon candy either, just looks a bit meh lol Revlon fail. I can't believe you got them so fast either! They arrived quicker than my package :P how exciting :D. Duuuude you've got 30 followers now! Woohoo girrrl you need to stop being so nice to me lol!

    1. Right? Apparently they're releasing 2 or 3 more colors in this line later (?_?) and one of them is supposed to be green. I think I'll wait for swatches before getting it, though. Yay 30!! lol

  2. Nice to know the Moon Candy base color is one coat, especially since the bottle is so small. :)

    1. That's what I was worried about was using half the bottle just to get an opaque base. Thankfully, no, they did good with that part.

  3. Love the glass glitters reminds me of color club diamond something :)

    1. I'm glad you like it. :) I'll have to look around. I love Color Club, but we don't see it much around here. :/


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