Saturday, July 7, 2012

Milani: Silver & Sinful Colors: Black On Black

Who's got another glitter for you?.... *looks around*.... It's me!! :D Yeah, I'm still feeling a bit unwell, but better...ish. It's so hot that I can't tell if I'm feverish, but my throat and chest feel better than yesterday so we'll see. *fingers crossed*

This glitter.... what can I say? I picked it up because the bottle is just so cool looking, but then every time I'd scroll down my stash page trying to pick a polish I just skipped right over it because... Really? I mean, just look at it!

WTF is up with this polish?! LMAO Milani: Silver really looks like it wants to look like a disco ball, but falls a bit short. The good news is that the clear base is definitely thick enough to hold the giant, heavy glitter. I guess the bad news is that it's all giant heavy glitter. I think some smaller glitters to fill it in would have been helpful.

This is two extremely thick, gloopy coats. I had to fish around in the bottle and spread the glitter more or less where I wanted it to go. Even so it was difficult to fully cover all of the bald patches. It didn't want to dry, even after two layers of topcoat and a spray of kwik-dry spray. My middle finger smooshed and left a ridge overnight.

This hand is... more or less one coat. If I could have gotten it all to look like my pinky I may have liked it better, but by the second finger it was already coming out with more glitter and trying to pull some off just resulted in adding more glitter! So it turned into an all-or-nothing assault on my photo hand. Oh, and check this out:

Seriously? "Add polish remover"? O_o But that goes against everything I've ever been taught about thinning polish! Just how thick is this stuff?! Quite thick. LOL If I ever use this again, I think it will just be for some blingy tips. If it's "too thick" at that time (if it ever comes) I think I'll just stick to polish thinner. So weird.

My base polish was the total opposite of Silver. Sinful Colors: Black on Black went on so smoothly and (almost) completely; it was like a dream. The only bad thing I can say is that I don't know if it's just been a while, or if they changed it, but the brush seemed a bit thin. *shrugs*

Lovely! Like pleather. I had to see the matte version and that looked pretty wild as well.

(haha dog hair) See? Almost a one-coater. It dried really quickly, too! I was very pleasantly surprised with this one.

I have the next glitter (and base) picked out. I'm so tired of glitter now, but I'm determined to stick with it until I've either linked all of my glitters or my anticipated nail mails get here! Perhaps this will teach me to stop being distracted by sparkly bottles. ;)

P.S. ~ It totally tickles me to see how many different people stop by on my visitor tracker there. :D Hi everybody!! It's so insane to me how many people are interested in my polishes. Around here I was a bit of an anomaly with my little collection of 20 back in the day and now I'm just another small fish in a giant polish-filled pond. You know what? I'm glad. It's nice to be special, but far nicer to not feel like a freak. I love the internet, and I love you guys, too!!


  1. Wow that glitter is a wee bit like scales! It looks like it was hard work to get it on your nails. I agree that smaller glitter as well as the large glitter would have been nicer so that when it is trying to be fully opaque the bald patches aren't so bald :D. Your visitor tracker is wrong!! It says that I'm from Cleethorpes but I'm not even near Cleethorpes (I know it's me cos I've tested it :P) silly thing

    1. LOL It seems to be a bit off for most people from time to time. Maybe it has something to do with where the connections are routed through? *shrugs* It totally did look like scales! The really weird part is that I saw a swatch of it once where the glitter looked totally different. Like, there was a seam down the middle of them all? Mine are just flat hex-glitter. O_o So bizarre. I may do an accent nail at some point over Icicle to see how that looks.


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