Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Lizzy's Purple-Green Duochrome Compare

Yep, others have done it. I'm fully aware of this. But since Sandy asked to see how Gray's Anatomy stacks up against Indigo Illusion I figured I'd pop out my other two and go all out. Today I have for you a comparison between Essence Where Is The Party?, OPI Not Like The Movies, Wet n Wild Gray's Anatomy, and Nubar Indigo Illusion.

And lookit me actually keeping the bottles in the same order as my nails. ;)

First up: The Angles

I tried to catch each polish mid-shift. Semi-successfully.

Where Is The Party?

Not Like The Movies

Gray's Anatomy

Indigo Illusion

So, my verdict? I'm so glad you asked!

Where Is The Party?: The best formula. Totally opaque in two coats, the rest took three. Also, the best purple in my opinion. Smooth and bright.

Not Like The Movies: I like the added silver shimmer. Definitely adds a little something. I don't know if it was just my bottle, but the formula was a bit thin.

Gray's Anatomy: This one is so frustrating. It's kind of frosty and you'll see in the pics from some angles it's still totally sheer after three coats. The color shift is nice, but this one... I dunno, man. And even being a "Fast Dry" polish, it took the longest of the three to fully dry.

Indigo Illusion: Still loving this one. It has the best green! And the color particles offer a more interesting shift between the colors. And even though it doesn't matter much, this one looks the best, out of the four, in the bottle.

So, what do you think? Which one is your favorite?


  1. Yay! I inspired a blog!!

    Where's the party is defiantly the most purple! But it's a hard toss up for me between Not Like the Movies and Indigo Illusion! I really like the Grey's Anatomy cuz of the price but i was really disappointed in the fact that even after 3 coats it's still so see thru!!

    But I don't like the name Indigo Illusion... it doesn't fit the polish! lmao call me weird but i picture a blue...maybe a blue-green shifting polish but not for this color...lmao

    1. LOL You are a little weird. ;) You know Indigo Illusion is fairly affordable on amazon. Just 900SBs could get ya $10 for amazon. *wink~wink~nudge~nudge* lol

  2. It's never a bad thing to see more comparisons. :)

    1. Thanks. :) I think so, too. Some bottles end up different and people have different ways of photographing. Also there's the whole obsession thing... lol

  3. Where Is The Party? is so pretty. I have a bottle but my formula is blah and my brush is all wonky. I might give it another go though. I think its just my bottle :P

    1. *ouch* I hate bad brushes. For 99cents I would just get another bottle. I've never had issue with the essence polishes and this one is absolutely lovely. Sorry your bottle was disappointing. :(


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