Friday, July 13, 2012

Julep: Annette + Art + NAIL MAIL!!

OMG I'm so insanely excited I can hardly contain myself. hehehehehe *deep breath* Ok, let's start at the beginning and work more or less chronologically. I got Julep Annette back in my introductory Julep box and have been kind of hanging onto it. I thought it was going to be grey, but... it kind of isn't.

It's kind of grey-like, but it's also kind of an off-white-leaning-pale-taupe.... ish? In my (horrid) room lighting it looks like a super pale lavendar. Interesting note: This is the first polish in recent memory where you can see my nail ridges have starting growing in since I haven't buffed them.

lol Not terribly noticeable unless you really get up close and personal like that. Also, I didn't notice until last night that the Julep bottles are only .27oz/8ml which makes them partway between minis and full size polishes. Weird, right? What tipped me off?

I grabbed Lynn while digging out Annette. lol That's after three coats per nail. Possibly a bit more cuz I seem to remember having to restart? Even if I didn't mention it. *shrugs* So far still worth the Maven discounted price; would not pay $14 a bottle, though.

Oh yeah, I said I had some nail art, didn't I?

Again I was bored, so I dug out my two neon Kiss Nail Art bottles, Bikini Pink and Beach Green and drew on some swoopy lines. Alternating which color was on top just to add a bit of interest. That wasn't quite enough for me so I dug out that pack of nail art doodads I got from Dollar Tree and added some purple flowers.

Pretty. :) Aaron said it reminded him of Rainbow Bright or My Little Ponies. lol It does kinda have that 80s girly vibe to it. Really need to get a separate skinny brush so I can swoop more colors.

Story Time!! Today ended up being a surprising bombardment of polish! lol Starting with this morning's trip to Ulta. I realized I still had the $3.50 off of $10 coupon in my purse so I had to at least look. Still waiting for them to stock the essie metallics. They did still have two discount sections with polish. The normal one and a freestanding one. Bad bad bad Lizzy has something terribly wrong in her head because I almost picked up glitters 5 times! XD I'm maddeningly drawn to shiny things. They did have OPI My Private Jet, but it didn't appear to be the holo one so I passed. I did get:

OPI Not Like The Movies (yes another purple/green duochrome and I believe from the Katy Perry collection.... lol), Piggy Polish Blue-ming Romance, and China Glaze Tarnished Gold. Yep, crackle. LOL (just wait, it gets better) I got all of this for $8.09 all together and if you add up the original prices that's Buy 1 Get 2 Free! With, like, a tax break because even that would come out to $8.65 or something.

After picking up dinner we pulled into the driveway and the mailman was organizing his truck in the shade of our trees. This isn't unusual and he's really nice so it's kind of a joy to see him hiding out in our little cul-de-sac. He surprised me by walking up while I was grabbing some things and *gasp* he's got padded envelopes! :D I signed for one and juggled everything (Aaron was grabbing the trash can) while making my way into the house with a huge grin on my face. Royal Mail and Singapore postmarks can only mean one thing. Nail Mail!!

Aaron grabbed the bigger of the envelopes and ran off so I ended up opening my Born Pretty package first.

Yay!! These are the ones that are supposed to glow the color that they are. "Well, do they?!" .....I don't know. I keep looking into the lightbulb I'm trying to charge them with and blinding myself.... We'll find out soon, though! Promise.Oh, and these ones don't have names. I have "Nail Polish 02" and "Nail Polish 12". lol

More story! So a couple of weeks ago I was peaking at one of the polish giveaways for some Eye Candy magnetics and, ya know, I just knew I wasn't going to win. The gorgeous Abbie from AbbieNail mentioned how much she loves the China Glaze and Zoya but they're not as readily available over there. This sparked an idea and we arranged a swap. I thought I'd get her good with a surprise polish (click here to see what she got), but she got me, too!!

What?! *dies* Let's break this down a bit.

First up Bourdeaux and Peacock which I had to have for the quilt/fishnet/cross-hatch magnet. I couldn't choose, so I let her pick the colors and she did an amazing picking job!

Second up Liquid Gold and Sexy And You Know It; amazing duochromes called Color Flips (that this crappy pic does nothing to showcase). If you hadn't guessed, these polishes came in two packs and I knew which one I wanted because the only decent swatch I could find had a blue that was.... just blue. :/ Bummer. These look awesome, though, and I think my hellacious nail curve will help do them justice.

On top of all that she included two special surprises! A Nails Inc crackle *love* called Farringdon and Nubar Indigo Illusion which I suspect she spied on my Amazon Wishlist. ;) lol So fabulous and unexpected and I'm still grinning. I don't know what to wear first! :D Perhaps I'll decide while updating my stash page. If you're wondering, I'm at 297 polishes now. O_o Crazy, right? Thank you so much, Abbie!! This really is amazing.

Couple more things. If you haven't seen it yet you should check out the upcoming duochrome collection China Glaze is putting out. Click Here for that. I saw a teeny picture of the display on... one of those discount sites. Transdesign or Head2ToeBeauty... Can't find it now. Anyway, I saw the display picture and they look even better bigger, so click that link and check 'em out.

A England only needs 90 more facebook likes! Still no hints as to what the surprise could be, but if it's a sale I'm so ready for it! Been prepping. lol Still saving my SwagBucks for H2TB madness (53% there!), but I've got side-ventures. Because internet money isn't real unless they send me a check. LOL

Long enough post? Hope so. lol Now to update my stash page and make a very difficult polish-related decision. Hope everybody has a fantastic weekend!!

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