Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Independence Day Mani #4

Yay! I said I was going to do four and I've done four. Today's Independence Day nail art mani extravaganza!! *trumpeted fanfare*

....I did say it was going to be a bit anti-climactic, yes? lol Yep, since the water marble did not want to work with me I fell back on my old stand-by.

I used China Glaze Icicle as the base and the tips are A England Perceval and Barielle Berry Blue. As suspected, Perceval is the absolute perfect red, and I really like what Icicle did to Berry Blue.

Little brighter and a dash of sparkle. :) Of course I matte-ed it, just to see.

A little hard to tell the difference in my pictures, but here's a close-up anyway.

So, you may be wondering how badly the water marble turned out that I just couldn't stand trying to do a full mani? Well, here's three of last night's attempts:

LOL I made the Pepsi logo. :p This was trying out different polish combos. I didn't get any pictures of the color bleeding problem from the other night. Perceval spread beautifully and Berry Blue did ok, too, just none of my whites wanted to cooperate. I think the Pepsi lookin' one was Perceval, Icicle and Cold Metal over a base of Icicle.

So, what's next? Well, it looks like I've got between seven and ten (depending on how picky you wanna be with your definitions) glitter polishes I haven't used yet. I barely wear glitter, but I see it and can't stop myself from grabbing it! C'mon! SPARKLES!! lol So I think I'm going to try and tough it up and do a week of glitter. In the interest of capturing the spirit of the glitters (and hopefully adding more links to my stash page) I'm going to try and pair them with matching base colors. I already have my first two picked out. Depending on what comes in the mail and when will determine how long the glitter madness lasts. Happy 4th, everybody!


  1. Your patriotic tips are great! I wish I hadn't passed on Icicle--it looks so very blingy.

    1. Thanks. :D If you get a chance to nab it, you should. Perfect one-coat silver. ;)


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