Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Independence Day Mani #3

I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that I really wanted to do a water marble, but I can't seem to find a red, a white and a blue that want to play nicely with each other. So tomorrow's idea is going to be kind of anticlimactic. The good news is that today's is really something awesome!!

Red, white & blue fireworks! Not an original idea. I stole borrowed the idea from Colette. You can see the video here. I'm sure other people have done it, too. That's just the first place I saw it. Still, I really like it! The little bursts are delicate, but fierce!

I started with one coat of essence Luxury Secret:

Another Colour & Go that lives up to it's name. One coat and it was dry in less than 20 minutes! The striping is pretty easy for this. I found the swoops easier than the straight lines from my flag. I used Sinful Colors Nail Art Bad Chick:

L.A. Colors Art Deco Red Glitter:

It has glitter!

And Kiss Nail Art Paint Pearl Blue:

That one was a little more sheer than the others, but dark enough that it wasn't totaly see-through on the darker background. My cousin, Alexis, finally posted up her own 4th of July nail art:

So jealous her lines are straighter and her dots are dottier than mine. :p I think she has a lot more patience than I do.

If anybody was wary about that $10 free from Copious.com and was just waiting to see if I actually got my polish, here it is!

Yeah, so I wasn't expecting minis, but free is still free. I think I'll be using the Black Metallic as a base for when I try out The Black Knight. I was randomly searching swatches last night (trying to get the SwagBucks to pop up) and ended up adding another polish to my A England wishlist. If I were to try and get them all now, it would cost me almost $170 for 12. *blinks* The exchange rate is so bad right now! No big deal, I'll just keep doing what I'm doing and... ya know... wait. Maybe get a couple here and there, keep my eyes peeled for more discounts. It'll be ok. lol I'm 40% of the way to that $100 and my giant polish haul, got a few more on their way still. Just gotta not think about all of those lovelies waiting for me. hehehe Hope everyone's having a great week!


  1. Ooh lizzy this looks really good! The essence looks kind of Chanel graphite-ish ? It's quite nice either way :)

    1. Thanks. :D I couldn't stop looking at it. LS does kinda look like Graphite, only less sparkly? Same family, though! :) Kinda wish I had Graphite now... lol


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