Monday, July 9, 2012

Here Comes The Rain Again

I keep getting that song stuck in my head. I *heart* the Eurythmics. Let's see.... Today is still Monday so yesterday was Sunday, so... I think Saturday was when the weather started turning murky? I've been napping a lot so the days are mushing together more than normal. Anyway, It's dropped the temperature a bit, but it's super muggy, but that first day was so nice that I felt it was picture worthy. We do have a 50% chance of rain every day for the coming week (and me with an outdoor wedding coming up), but I figured I'd share the pics I have anyway. Why? Because I can! Muahahahaha!! *ahem* These first couple are from that first day. Whenever it was.

I took those at the head of what was once our driveway (and is now a thoroughfare for the buttheads living in the apartments behind us) while Aaron was getting the mail. Look at how much we cooled off!

Way better than the 108 it was earlier that day. I assume. Since I don't even know what "that day" was, 108 is about the average we had been having prior. Make sense? Good.

This next one is definitely from yesterday. It rained pretty hard for an hour or so and I went out onto the new porch to soak it in. Did I mention that the landlord's son thought that the old porch roof didn't leak? Did I also mention I thought he was full of shit? Well, here's the proof of my awesome rightness.

And I was thinking I might be able to sit down and enjoy the rain. ;)

This last one I took this morning on my way home from dropping my dad off at the truck lot.

I actually saw four different rainbows on my way home; this was the first. Looks like it drops down right in the middle of the road.

Feels like the meds are kicking in so I'll be laying down before I faceplant the keyboard. ;) Hope you enjoyed the pics.


  1. Ah! i miss the big skies in texas SO MUCH!! not the heat, though. :/
    and since you keep getting that song stuck in your head, you thought the rest of us should suffer with you? gee, thanks for that. :p

    1. All must suffer! lol *hugs* At least you can go to the ocean for the moment, that should have plenty of big skies I would think. :) Right? The heat is definitely creeping back up.... :/


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