Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Eye Candy: Sexy And You Know It

O-M-G-*falls over* I almost feel like I should be apologizing to this polish because I had the hardest time capturing the true beauty. Oh, things started off just fine. I thought I'd have a hard time picking up the gorgeous purple, but no.

Despite that random sheet mark Sexy And You Know It went on super smooth (three coats to ensure opacity) and dried really quickly. No topcoat or spray needed. Then I tried to capture the golden shift.... kind of color is that? Certainly doesn't look like this:

I swear I could see that on my nails! Every time I tried to photograph it, though, it got washed out. I'll have another example shortly. First, I was a bit confused for a second because my bottle was mislabeled.

LOL No big deal. The blister pack was labelled properly and even if it wasn't I could find the name online. Just had a bit of a head-scratch moment when I was updating my spreadsheet. It's not terribly impressive, but I did try to get the color shift on video.

Why won't the gold show up?! I can see it with my eyes, but my camera can not. I thought for sure I'd be able to get it indoors since the color is actually stronger inside, but.... the flash just totally washed it out.

Oh what the crap. :/ I wonder if this is why I had such a hard time finding swatches online? It's so hard (impossible for me) to get it to look even half as good as it does in person! *facepalm* Still, pretty impressive purple, huh? LOL

So I was sitting here beefing up my SwagBucks and boredom struck (still determined to try for that 300SB bonus at the end of the month!). Since I still had yesterday's nail art purchase sitting out I thought to myself "What could possibly go better with purple than green?"

Scarce few things, my friend. Scarce few. I love the complementary contrast of green and purple above all. Even more than green and pink. Or pink and brown. Or blue and brown. LOL

Also learned that Worn Before would make a perfect grass! Should I ever do another design that requires grass. So... yeah. I guess that's it. Sorry I couldn't do better with the color flip. :/ Happy Wednesday, everybody!!


  1. I like it alot. The grass design is very well made :)

  2. Well that purple is lush! Like cadburys ;) at least you know that the gold is there, we'll just have to take your word ;)

    1. omg I feel SO bad I couldn't capture it! LOL At least these next couple will be less tricky.


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