Monday, July 16, 2012

Eye Candy: Peacock & Dream

*SQUEELS* :D Ready for another amazing Eye Candy polish from my swap with Abbie? You are? Good! Cuz that's what I've got for you. :)

Eye Candy Peacock is one of the quilted magnetics. Of course I have to show it un-magnetized just so you can see how pretty these polishes are on their own.

Peacock is a lovely blue-green that.... wait for it... leans more green pre-magnet and leans more blue post-magnet! O_o How weird is that? LOL

Huh? Why do I have different designs? Oh, well, you see... I had a bit of an issue with the magnet. I have to assume it either had something to do with my nails or my spazzy left hand. You see....

See, the magnet itself it about the same size as the awesome Barry M magnet, but it just did not want to work on my right hand! It worked fine on my left, but I used the Barry M and China Glaze magnets on my right.

See? So the polish magnetizes really well, just that on my right hand.... *shrugs* Funny Story: I was trying to use the China Glaze chevron design on my right thumb. I had my elbows braced on my knees so I could use my monitor light to see the distance between my thumb and the magnet.... and the magnet was so strong and the polish so pliable that I could see the polish literally rising up to the magnet!! *falls over* I really wish I had camera eyes because it was pretty wild. Wild, but useless and that's why I switched to the star. LOL

Here's a couple of different angles so you can get an idea of the 3D aspect of magnetics.

Yeah.... I didn't end up matte-ing it. Sorry. I love this color and I love the design and I'm searching around to see if there's a way to strengthen these magnets that doesn't involve hitting it with a hammer....

Now, my dream. This was a weird one. I think I was in the French countryside somewhere. Not far out into the country, but it was a small town. They were having some kind of festival and everyone was celebrating. As the sun started to set there came a sense of unease. An airplane flew overhead and suddenly it started to go down; making huge circles in the sky before finally crash landing a mile or so away from us. Everybody stood around shocked and panicked. Then there was some kind of announcement over the radio (I assume, I kind of heard it in my head and everybody else may have, too) about a terrible tragedy about to occur. Meteors were coming and everybody was told to brace for impact because nothing could be done. Everyone looked West (I'm not sure why, nothing happened yet) and we saw a glow coming down from the sky. The earth was struck by a meteor about half the size of the moon and we could feel the ground shake. It hit about 2/3 of the way on the other side of the earth so we weren't directly hit and we didn't get a shockwave, but we could literally feel the whole earth shake. This meteor was followed by several more, the ground shook with each hit. I was so scared and made to run... somewhere. Anywhere. A blue glow appeared to my left and it was some kind of portal, I think into the future. A hand reached out and grabbed mine and made to pull me through when I woke up. The worst part? As I was waking (at around 3am, in the dark) my mom had decided to do laundry which shakes the whole trailer once it gets going so the world was shaking in my dream and in real life so I laid there for quite a bit scared and confused and afraid to fall back asleep.

I finally did fall back asleep without bothering to get up at all (I was going to post something about it at the time and then decided not to) and had a normal, boring dream the second time. I assume, I don't quite remember it.

Freaky, right? I was going to give Indigo Illusion a go, but... I think I'm going to head into left-field for a bit. I need something bright. Happy Monday, all!


  1. very cute!!!!!!!!!

  2. Soo pretty! I'm glad the magnet worked and that it was just you being a womble! Hahah ;)

  3. Fun magnetic--I haven't seen this one swatched anywhere before.

    1. I've seen the Nails Inc version of the quilt design, but I have the hardest time finding eye candy swatches. So weird.

  4. The magnet worked very well. The shade of the polish is very nice.

    1. I love it. I can't wait to seek out the new China Glaze magnet. :)


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