Saturday, July 14, 2012

Eye Candy: Liquid Gold & Lollipop Chainsaw Complete!

Wow. Seriously wow. I hardly know where to start again! I was deeply hoping for a low SB goal so I could Sim and bike and get some non-internet things taken care of so I'm just going to jump in.

After hours of debate and mind-changing I decided on Eye Candy: Liquid Gold.

Just look at it! Went on super smooth and dried so quickly. You know I had to get video of this magic.

It's different every time I look at it!

Even managed some reflective almost-tips!!

I did try to matte a couple nails, but then I dumped out the a/c water and smudged the matte so it's a bit hard to tell the difference....

That's shiny on my ring and index fingers and matte on my pinky and middle. This next picture (since you can't really tell which fingers they are) is shiny on the left, matte on the right.

The only weird thing is that from online pics of the bottle it looked like a gold/copper that would shift to blue.... But this looks green to me. No big deal, still wicked awesome. Just got me wondering how it compared to Models Own: Golden Green.

O_o They're like opposite twins!

Looking near-identical from some angles.

And not-so-identical from others. Golden Green is more of a green that shifts with flashes of gold, while Liquid Gold is more of a gold that shifts with flashes of green. Which gives me some ideas for interesting nail art in the future. ;)

So awesome. I already know what I'm doing tomorrow so *fingers crossed* that works out as well.

Part 2: It took me a little over a month to completely decimate Lollipop Chainsaw! I may have been able to do it sooner if I had spent more time on the xbox and less making internet monies, but I did it. And I didn't just get the achievements, either. I completed the entire collection. MP3s, artwork, outfits, the whole shebang.

That's my 100% collection completed shot.

50 out of 50 achievements achieved.

And it's the 9th game I've gotten all the achievements for. #10 will be coming shortly because Walking Dead is almost too easy to get that on. lol I absolutely loved this game. It's so funny and not too difficult to figure out. It does take a bit of work (and luck) to get all of the achievements, but it's so fun trying! The costumes are really cute, too. If you play video games, and like killing zombies and/or cuties in skimpy outfits, this one is definitely worth picking up.

That's all for now. Gonna post up, finish some dishes and get my big ol' butt on the bike. Only a week 'til the wedding and I will not look like a sow in my dress. LOL Hope everyone enjoys their weekend. Check back tomorrow for some HOPEFULLY glow-color fun! :D


  1. It looks goooood! Is it another dupe for Peridot you reckon? It looks that way to me, so pretty :D. Glow in the dark tomorrow? I hope they work!

    1. I think Liquid Gold may have a bit more green to it, but they do look quite close!


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