Friday, July 20, 2012

Black-Tipped Frenchie

Hello, hello, hello all you beautiful peoples. I didn't think I'd have enough time to post today, but we're running a bit late due to technical difficulties. I still may not have time, but I shall type until called!

The bride is sporting a lovely french manicure with sparkly red tips. Us bridesmaids are sporting matching french manicures with black tips. I usually prefer some kind of colored base, but in the interest of matching I broke out my old Yves Rocher french manicure set for the base. Here is two coats of Pastel Rose:

Either my nails are so stained or the polish is so old it doesn't really look pink. Makes me scared for the beige.

*shrugs* As I was sitting here waiting for the base to dry I took a closer look at the bottle. Where exactly did my mom get this oh so many years ago? (Yves Rocher, I know that now) But wait, what's this?

What?! *sniff~sniff~sniff* OMG! It totally smells like those old jelly candies! You know, the ones rolled in sugar? Smells just like that! Even after topcoat and sleeping. And this polish is old, man. Seriously, no less than 8 years old and it still smells sweet! Also, didn't even need polish thinner, so kudos Yves Rocher.

For the black tips I went with Wet n Wild Black Creme. I think it's the only black I didn't have linked yet, and now here it is! This will have to do since I don't even have enough left in the bottle for a full mani. :p

So the end result is kinda weird, but pretty badass looking.

I think tomorrow I'll use the beige and white for traditional french tips just to get those linked and out of the way.

Guess what time it is? Time to pick out my Julep box for August! :D The theme for August? Metallic chrome!!! *dies* This being the case, and since I don't really need to waste box space with polish remover, I went and changed to the It Girl box.

*love* They did have a color included in the Boho Glam box that I could not live without so I took advantage of their "$4.99 add on" feature (where you can add on any of the month's polishes for $4.99) and got:

Piper. It's gonna be so pretty. I almost also added the white from the Boho box, but I thought 4 polishes would be enough. I do still have my free polish voucher but oh noes! I couldn't find Elizabeth in their single polish listing. :( That sucks. I was so psyched about getting that because Zoya's Liz is kind of... häßlich. Now I don't know which one I want. Maybe I'll wait until the metallics officially become part of the line and order the white one then. Seriously, white metallic? Super cool. Wanna be a Maven and get in on all of this polishy goodness? Well then, let me refer you. lol If it doesn't do it automatically, enter code PENNY to get your intro box for 1cent. :D Yes, for reals.

OH! I forget where I saw it, so I don't know if it's released yet, but the new China Glaze Magnetix line comes with a new magnet! It's got straight lines (meh), a bullseye (hopefully better than the one I have), and a grid! Yeah, I'll be getting at least the magnet. I'd have to look, but I think I have the colors.

*teehee* Somehow I knew that since today was supposed to be super busy that SwagBucks would give me some insanely high goal. To circumvent this bad luck of mine I woke up super early and managed 140SBs before 10am! Booyah!! Still in the running for 300 bonus SBs at the end of the month. *happy dance* Wanna get in on the SwagBucks fun? Click Here and soon you could be on your way to internet funded polish madness like me. LOL

I guess I'll see how many blogs I can get through. I sincerely hope that nobody was affected by the shooting in Colorado. If you were then you have my deepest sympathies. *hugs*


  1. It does look kind of weird but cool too. You're brave to wear something s sheer ;) I never could lol. Have fun at the wedding!

    1. LOL What can I say? Better than being outed for not-matching. ;) As soon as somebody posts up pictures I'll grab some and do a whole separate blog about the wedding. :)


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