Thursday, July 26, 2012

A England: Holy Grail

Wow. Almost 8pm and I'm just now getting to this. Haven't even had time to take off Holy Grail so it'll be kind of nice to look at it while I'm describing it. ;) Gotta look on the bright side.

I got up early this morning to take my dad back to work so I got some early morning sunshine pics:

My only complain about Holy Grail is that it was a tad sheer, even after three coats. So I don't know if it would be good for stamping, but my nail art brushes should get here... eventually? Mid-day sunshine!!

*BAM!* Holy Grail is a glowy yellow-toned gold. I'm not that into gold, but I had to have this one. I plan on mostly using it for accents, but I had to show it in all it's brilliant glory. Can you see the hidden sparkles of color in the bottom close-up there? :D Pretty.

Of course, being named Holy Grail I couldn't resist blinging it up a bit. (even though I believe if there is such a thing it's far more modest than Renaissance art depicts) I started out with this left-hand image from "Nail Art" (not-Konad) plate m64:

Stamped with Sally Hansen Silver Diamond Chrome, and added a couple of rediculously big rhinestones.

LOL They didn't look that big in the package, but on the nail they look ginormous! So... it didn't turn out exactly as I pictured in my head, but it was good stamping practice trying to get the design on straight.

I totally lost my nail brush and when I went to Dollar Tree to get another one, they had these cute little buggers for kids:

I almost got the panda one, but I couldn't resist the monkey. ;) Too cute! Which kind of softens the blow that came later.... Chloe came in earlier than expected....


The bottle is all cracked! It's still full, so that's good. I have no way to tell or prove if it was the heat or the fact that the seller didn't wrap it in bubble wrap (relying on the bubble-wrap lined envelope to protect it) that cracked it, so... I'm not gonna cause a fuss. I cleaned up the little bit that did leak out and whipped out my handy-dandy Krazy Glue pen to glue the cracks. So the bottle is all ugly looking now and I'm afraid to hold it too tightly, but it is still full and the polish itself is a normal consistency. I'll just probably not be buying from that seller again... Assuming Lacey finds another free $10 for me to use at some point. *teehee*

Reaching yesterday's SwagBucks goal was brutal, but I did finally manage. All by myself. It's a little disappointing (and a bit confusing, who doesn't like free money?!), but... ya know. I guess I'll be enjoying the polish all by my lonesome either way so maybe it's good that I'm having to work so hard for it. Head2ToeBeauty has the ChG Bohemian collection up already so I added those to my shopping list. That will tip me over the initial $100 from SB so I don't know yet if I'll be cashing out elsewhere and just exploding the bonanza or ticking off a few from my list. We'll see! (I'll probably cash out extra. I really like my list! LOL)

Before I go, check out this cute nail art my cousin, Alexis, did!

She's got so much more patience than I do. :D Now to sit back with some SBTV, whip out the polish remover and get to trying out Hello Kitty's Bubble Gum! I'm a bit worried because I've seen some bad reviews, but I had a much easier time with Zoya's Mod Mattes than a lot of people. So we'll see. Happy Thursday, everybody!


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