Monday, June 4, 2012

Zoya: Rory (Tipped)

Rory, like so many polishes before, did not want to photograph accurately. Still, she's metallic/foil, pretty pink and pretty amazing.

Ok, like I said, she did not want to photograph. So most of my pictures are with the red filter. And I have no idea what happened to my middle finger there. It didn't chip from nail peeling (someone please remind me to review that SH nail gel stuff!!) it just... chipped. While I was playing Fallout. :/

That's better. Rory is definitely pink, not lavendar. lol Like most polishes with this kind of finish, matte-ifying softened her up nicely.

Shiny on the left, matte on the right. I think seeing how Morgan Le Fay looks over different colors is going to be a habit for a while.

Normal on the left, MLF on the right. Now, shame on me, haven't even made it through the day and I wasn't totally loving this color. It's pretty, sure, but.... pink? I think there's something about "normal" polish colors that turns me off. So why was Rory second on my list when I probably really should have gotten Myrta instead? Well, because she just looked so fantastic when I had the bottle in my hand sitting next to Meg, of course!

Yep, my hand is still healing from the cat baths (sorry!) and yes, you have seen this before. lol I swear I don't like watermelon! I just like pairing pink with other colors and in this case green happened to be it; and a quick freehand tip is the easiest way to change up a mani. I think when I pictured it in my head it was reversed, though. Ah well, I can last 5 more hours. ;)

Ok, real quick before I lose y'all. (I'm about to get ranty in a second) I've been using the Sally Hansen VitaSurge Strength Gel for about a week now. Every day before my basecoat. I slather it on (kind of an awkward process with the lip gloss applicator), wait about 5 minutes, rub it in, wait another 5 minutes, then use a clean rag to sort of buff it off/rub it in more. It hasn't fixed any of the peeling I already had (I really need a fresh bottle of that strengthening basecoat), but I didn't really expect it to. I don't have any new peeling and the peeling I do have doesn't appear to have gotten any worse. After a week the bottle is almost half empty, though, and I don't see myself spending $7 every two weeks on something that isn't obviously miraculous. If you want to give it a try, let me know how it works for you. They also have a "growth" formula if anybody's trying to grow their nails. I like mine where they are. ;) Long enough to be feminine, not so long I hurt myself when.... performing... certain tasks..... yeah.

Now the ranty part. Feel free to skip down to the picture if you want. Finally get some breathing room on the home front (however temporary it may be at this point) and this stupid town is stressing me out. I'm patriotic, I support the troops. I come from a hugely saturated military-service family. So when I say this I mean it with the utmost respect for those men and women who put their lives on the line. "GO AWAY!!!" When we moved here the population was around 88k. Now it's making it's way toward 150k and this town is just not equipped to handle that many people. I dunno what Army person thinks it's a good idea to continually cram soldiers into this one base, but seriously? Spread the love! Somewhere else!! Yesterday it was so bad Aaron and I walked into HEB, walked maybe 10 feet, said "fuck this" and went to Belton for supper. The roads are clogged non-stop. It's insane! Seriously, just getting out of my driveway makes my skin crawl because it's like sardines out there. I don't wish for war (although that would clear it out real quick), I just want a serious population drop. Pregnant women are making me angry because that's just another potential person crammed into too small a space. Seriously, angry! What's up with that?!

*phew* Glad to get that out. Also doesn't help that the past three mornings that I've gone out to get nail pics I'm greeted with this:

Why is Ralphus (yep, that's his new name) climbing up on the roof? The last two days he just jumped down from the shed, but this morning when I put down an old couch cushion for him he wandered the roof-ledge for half an hour before finally climbing backwards down the tree. *sigh* I think the other (feral) stray out there is scaring him up the tree at night.... Really hoping my dad caves and lets us bring him in before he gets hurt. :/ It was easy for Icarus because he was just a teeny little kitten unable to fend for himself. Ralphus.... is big. And not-neutered.... I dunno....

On a slightly brighter note: Lollipop Chainsaw is coming out soon! And even though I kinda talked Aaron into getting the $150 collector's version of Borderlands 2.... I really want to pre-order the new South Park game.... LOL Release date so far is December on that one, so hopefully BioShock Infinite getting pushed back to next year will work in my favor. ;)


  1. The french tips are so cute!

    1. Thanks. :) I like them because they're SO easy! lol

  2. Rory is the only kind of pink I can like lol when it is purpley :) you must love watermelons cos that's twice now ;) hehehehe

    1. LOL I'm gonna have to quit doing that.... ;)


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