Saturday, June 16, 2012

Zoya: Myrta

This is gonna be kind of a short post. I'm glad I got the most out of enjoying these past two days because this whole next week just got insanely busy. *sigh*

Myrta is the orangey metallic/shimmer one from the Beach & Surf collection. I'm definitely going to have to try and pair it up with Meg because I think the green toned down the redness. Definitely more red than I thought. I still like it, though! It reminds me of, like, a nectarine sorta.

On the left is Myrta normal (this pic is in the shade), then in the middle is matte-ed. I love it!! Brings out the glow. Just like Tropical Sun! Which is on my pinky because I thought "This would probably make a great base for Tropical Sun" and it does. :D

I did have one teeny little issue.... I don't know what triggered it. I opened up a fresh (unfrankened) base coat and I'm not sure if it was that or if I still had lotion on my hands from last night (?_?) or what, but I had one whole nail's worth of polish just slide right off while I was gaming, and about four other fingers were peeling up at the edge. That's why my ring finger looks funky from the cleanup. I didn't realize the edge was coming up before going at it with the acetone. :/ Yes, I'm aware it looks horribly messy anyway. Those teeny little metallic-glitters are a PITA to clean up properly.

One more teeny little sidenote before I try to ease my headache with Sims. I was going through my bookmarks, deleting ones I don't want/need anymore, and I found this link. I'm about 25% of the way to $100 from SwagBucks and I made a decision. I'm going to save up my other internet monies and possibly for my birthday (*fingers crossed*) I'm going to have one ginormous haul. Seriously insane amounts of A England and China Glaze. My birthday's not 'til November, I just wanted to get that in writing. ;)

Last thing: Bethany!!! Where are you? :( Hope everything's ok.


  1. It does look a bit red but oooof it's good! So fiery and yummy. Hehe I like your birthday goal, that'd be awesome!

    1. I'm gonna *try* and use it with other colors and see if I can get it to look as orange as when I first saw it. :/ lol If things work out I may have to ask Aaron for another filing cabinet to hold my birthday polishes. ;)


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