Friday, June 1, 2012

Zoya: Meg (Megged)

Meg! *thbbbt* Yep, it's green, it shines, it's called Meg and I had to have it. What I didn't know (otherwise I would have started buying these up a lot sooner) is that Meg and her shimmery Surf sisters are metallic foils!!

That is one coat!

Fabulous. Goes on smoothly, covers completely, matte-ifies lov... lovel... lovilely? It's pretty matte, too.

Shiny on the left, matte on the right. Oh, but wait! I already have a light green foil polish. Did I just buy a more expensive version of Perfect Mol-Ten?!

Nope!! As you can see on the left there, Perfect Mol-Ten is a more blue-toned green whereas Meg is a more yellow-toned green. I'm good! If you're wondering I took that picture last night. I hadn't taken off the Barry M yet and was testing to see how sheer Meg was going to be. After a face-palm moment when I realized I had a metallic/foil on my hands I had to see if it was a PM dupe. lol

I mentioned yesterday that I'm a fan of Family Guy. More the in-between episodes after Mila Kunis took over voicing Meg and before it started getting really bad this past season or so... I'm more of an American Dad girl. (Not because of the politics, I just really see a lot of Francine in myself) But, Meg is my favorite character on Family Guy and that was the real kicker for picking up the Meg polish first. After I had my nails painted I had the idea to do a Meg Meg.

Not the best nail art, I suppose. I used Sinful Colors: Nirvana for the hair and essence: Ultimate Pink for the hat. Coulda used two coats of each, but that was more of a fun side-project than a serious art attempt.

Now the part where I'm sure half of you will tune out. I has news and haul stuff to share! Ok, first I'm terribly upset. I got Rory yesterday and when I went in for Myrta today the whole Beach & Surf display was gone!! It was practically full just yesterday! *cries* I'm hoping with all of my heart that if I keep checking back I can get Myrta on clearance. I mean... they had a ton of Paz clearanced for a while so I don't think orange is a big polish color around here.... Keep your fingers crossed for me!! They had the red one and the two Zuzas just tossed in randomly on the Zoya rack so I grabbed Zuza before she disappeared. I just really want Myrta. If Arizona (the cream orange) shows up clearanced as well I may get that one, too. Still have to go by Hot Topic for some of those skull bottle polishes.....

Next, we all know that A England is awesome, right? The names are awesome, the colors are awesome, the logo is awesome, the creator (Adina Bodana) is awesome. Tell me, how freakin' mind-blowing awesome is getting my order in ONE WEEK?! I kid not! Tell me this isn't the sweetest unexpected thing to find in your mailbox.

Please excuse my totally color-inaccurate picture of Jubilicious:

Please someone tell me it's not obscene to think about using the Queen's Jubilee celebration polish set for the 4th of July..... I have nothing against the Queen! Honest! But, c'mon, red white and blue! *ahem* I'm super excited to try these. Now I don't know what to do! Surfs or Jubilees? Or any of the myriad other polishes I've been accumulating. Ready for it?

You already know these I got with the 20% off Ulta coupon. Let's have a moment of silence for the missing sister, Myrta....................

Time to update my carry-around list because I think there are only a sparse few Colour & Go polishes I'm missing. I picked up Glamour Life, Sweet As Candy and Walk Of Fame because I keep coming across half-empty displays and HEB has "DC" stickers (which I assume means discontinued?) on a couple of the colors. :( Look at that eyeshadow, though. Holographic!!! I'll be trying that out just as soon as I feel up to making myself pretty. Can't wait to see the shine.

HEB had a 50cents off coupon for "Wet n Wild Lip and Nail" and since the Wild Shine line is only 97cents, that's more than half off! I got Metallica (featured in my sort-of-ombre) and, wait for it, Night Prowl. *rawr*!! Looks like a dark purple glitter in a black jelly(?) base. Can't wait to try it and get my prowl on.

I also got the Sims 3 Showtime expansion pack. Katy Perry collector's edition. Not because I'm a fan or anything (Yeah, I've kissed a girl, too. Everyone has. It's the 21st century not the 1880s.), but because I like my sims to have more stuff. More stuff!!! I've had it all day and haven't gotten to play around with it yet. *pouts* I did get my bridesmaid dress ordered finally. We're getting them from Treasured Jewels and if you're on facebook you should check them out. The lady was really nice and patient and helpful and I'm so glad to have one less thing to worry about. All I have to worry about at the moment is whether or not Showtime glitched up my Legacy save and which of these gorgeous colors is going on my nails for tomorrow. Oh yeah... and updating my spreadsheet with the newbies. G'night! Hope everyone enjoys their weekend. :D


  1. Replies
    1. lol Which one? I actually forgot I picked up another WnW: Bijou Blue. So I have a ton of blues. XD

    2. It's a bit more "true" blue than it looks in the pictures...

  2. Meg looks fabulous! I can't wait to see what you come up with for the A-Englands!

    1. I'm so excited to have them. Even added another to my wishlist. One day I'll have them all!! Muahahahaha! ;)


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