Tuesday, June 12, 2012

That Was A Storm?

Once upon a time (early October, 2009) there was a really bad stormed that knocked over a tree onto our house. Now, this was one of those stupid trees that was three trees squished right up into each other. The one that fell had only about half a trunk and that's why it was unstable. After it fell and Aaron, my sister and myself got it off of the house, the landlord came out and finished the job. He also removed the other half-trunked tree. That worked out well.... until today.

While flipping through the channels Aaron happened to catch the weather channel radar. Wow, that storm looks pretty bad, but the worst of it will pass right over us. Which I'm assuming it did, but we still got really high winds. After calling up Game Stop to see if their computers were back up we went outside and it was really windy and pretty bleak looking.

Leaves and dust blowing everywhere! On the way to the car he noticed the fence was a bit askew and upon investigation we came upon:

WTF?! We didn't hear the tree fall, and that's right outside our window!!

Good thing no one was parked there or it could have been really bad. Since it wasn't on the house and someone always goes outside with Jet I decided I don't care and it's 100% the landlord's business this time. Thankfully my dad was home today (had a late weekend) so he got to call instead of me. Aaron went over to inspect the trunk (why the hell did this one fall? It's not that windy and it had a full trunk!) he saw this!

He says it's a Bore beetle and it eats up wood. Well, that's one mystery solved and I still don't care. :p I am not cleaning up that mess. The truly funny part was discovered shortly after the beetle.

The wind was enough to knock down a whole tree and still manage to gently perch this unripe persimmon on the adjacent stump. I love the duality of Mother Nature. She's definitely a wonder.


  1. did it hit...what's his face's house?

    1. Nope. They got lucky, too, cuz there was a car parked there this morning. Missed everything important. Hope that wasn't my bit of good luck for the year....

  2. hey, sorry bout that tree, but here's a persimmon for you to enjoy! :p

    1. Right? I didn't even see it until Aaron pointed it out.


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