Saturday, June 9, 2012

Sim Legathree #9

Sim Fest is in town! Sim Fest is a showcase competition amongst freelance performers, but Zelda thought she should check out current trends amongst her competition anyway.

She got there a little late and only saw a singer and a magician. They were good, but not great. The magician kept pulling rubber duckies out of his hat and the singer did hit a couple of sour notes. Still, the singer won this Sim Fest.

Even though she's lead guitarist in her band, Zelda decided to take a whack at singing some karaoke. She was doing fine (not great, but fine) until she noticed this stalker looking Sim giving her the crazy eye. Zelda finished up her song quickly, dropped the mic and left.

It would appear the Panthoses are some speedy procreators. Even though Ares and Zelda are bringing in some hefty simoleons at the moment, they won't be around forever. With Boros chronically unemployed Yvette decided she should help pitch in. Her lifetime wish is to make 4000simoleons per week in book royalties, so why not register as a freelance author? She'll earn an extra weekly bonus from the city for her contributions to the book reading population. If you're wondering, that's about the fifth time Ares has had to fix that dishwasher. Just as soon as he's able to retire he'll be spending quite a bit of time upgrading some appliances to Unbreakable.

Having a Green Thumb not only makes Zelda a natural gardener, it also makes her quite determined (if a bit nutty) when it comes to getting the best out of her plants. Here she is talking to that poor, wretched banana tree. I guess it's working because she just harvested her first Bad quality (two grades better than Putrid!) banana.

Did I say Egg Plant? I believe I did.

While Zelda was off preparing for a concert and Boros was at the book store buying recipes (since he's maxed out his Logic and discovered every potion he's decided to master Cooking next) Yvette went into labor!! Poor Ares, not again! Once he got her calmed down he was able to get her to the hospital on time. He called Boros on the way so someone would be with her while he went back to expand the house!

The new baby gets his own room. Belinda's room has been kept just the way she left it. She was given the opportunity to come home between Elementary and High School and decided to stay at Smuggsworth for the summer. Apparently they have some fun summer programs where Sims can learn things like acrobatics and how to raise Cow Plants. Definitely simoleons well spent. You can't just learn that stuff anywhere.

It is a shame she missed out on meeting her new nephew, though. Here's Cosmo. I forgot to write down his traits, but there will be plenty of time for that.

Or will there? Oh my goodness. With three Sims getting so close to achieving their Lifetime Wishes, time has just flown by! At least with Boros still unemployed and Yvette working at home (and Ares creeping up on retirement) this little boy will have plenty of family around to teach him those all important toddler skills.


  1. Lol I love that Zelda is talking to the banana tree.

    1. It actually did something on Sims 2, not sure if it does on 3...


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