Friday, June 8, 2012

Sim Legathree #8

After his adult-transition birthday, Boros had his graduation to attend.

While the graduating class may have been rather small, it seemed everyone in Sunset Valley was in attendance which made Boros very uncomfortable. You know, being a Loner. Still, he was glad to stick it out to cross the stage with Renee. They wished each other the best of luck whatever may come.

Even though she's been scaling down her garden, Zelda could not refuse the opportunity to work with the local diner providing fresh produce in exchange for new and exotic seeds. She's now able to grow egg and cheese plants, but the seed she has in her hand there has really tickled her green thumb. Amongst the bell pepper and garlic seeds (plants she's already mastered) was a lone, putrid banana seed. Really? Putrid? Oh yes, she will take this horrid quality seed, nurture and fertilize and weed her way to perfect quality bananas for her family.

Ares finally reached Level 10 in the business career and is now a Power Broker. He's having a harder time keeping up relationships with his co-workers due to the insane amount of meetings he's in charge of scheduling. Now he has Wednesdays off giving him more time to work on his writing and painting.

Belinda is a handful. In a good way. All of her little brain-tickling endeavors as a toddler have made her quite the eclectic little creator.

After a long discussion, Ares and Zelda decided that perhaps it would be in Zelda's best interest if they sent her to Smuggsworth Prep School. She'd surely get a much finer education than the local public school could offer, and they could help direct and focus all of her creative energy. It is expensive (1600 simoleons a week!), but they're both making good money now and the extra time would allow Zelda to perform concerts since she's getting behind on her Lifetime Wish. And so it was settled and Monday morning Belinda boarded the limo that would take her to Smuggsworth Prep.

While taking a little see-saw break Boros and Yvette brainstormed some potion ideas. Understandably she's getting a little anxious to have a life of her own!

Finally, after hours of failed experiments and several small explosions Boros unlocked the secret to the potion that would make Yvette just like any other Sim. A secret he wrote down, by the way, in case any future Panthoses should require it.

Yvette is kind of a cutey. And so excited to be real! Skin feels weird and chewing is a wonder.

She fits right in with the family, though. It is a bit weird talking to someone who knows everything about you off the bat, but everyone is adjusting.

I suppose it's not hard to fall in love with someone you've spent your entire existance following around and relying on. Especially when that one person is, quite literally, the only one who knows you exist.

Seems Boros is a chip off the ol' block. After a very brief courtship, Boros and Yvette got married. They do have a little regret at not waiting until Belinda was home for the weekend. I guess when the mood takes you, you just have to go with it.


  1. OMG YES! I just caught up on all of these and I am so glad he figured out that potion. I'm such a sucker for sims. Yvette is gorgeous :)

    1. She really is. I couldn't believe he ended up finally finding a rainbow gem after the fact. -_- I've got it in a chest just in case. lol

  2. YAY Yvette! Also: putrid banana seed? Lol!


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