Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sim Legathree #7

Oh my time is flying with this family! Ares is stuck at the office most days tied up in meetings, Boros is still trying to juggle school and Yvette, and Zelda's been so determined to master her guitar skill that she's cut the size of her garden in half. No one even realized it was time for the baby to come!

They managed to get to the hospital just in time for Zelda to have a healthy baby girl. Everyone, meet Belinda!

She's Friendly and Easily Impressed.

The Panthos family is no longer hurting for simoleons so expansion wasn't a terrifying ordeal this time. They've even managed to upgrade most of their appliances to the very best. All investments for the future.

Zelda's birthday arrived shortly after Belinda's birth. Age wasn't quite as kind to her as it was to Ares and she knew that if she was going to fulfill her dream of being a Rock Star she was going to have to do something drastic to offset all those wrinkles.

Belinda has not been quite as impressed with her "special doll" and has instead opted for toys that make her brain tingle. Perhaps somehow she knows that being Friendly will get her all the friends she needs later, unlike her Loner brother who doesn't socialize so well.

Speaking of Boros, turns out potion making is hard. And a bit dangerous. Still he has not been deterred. As his logic skill has grown he made a decision on his Lifetime Wish. Boros wants to be a Renaissance Sim, mastering three skills to Level 10. Makes sense for him since he can accomplish that at home without being surrounded by crowds of strange sims at work.

Everybody's having birthdays! As happy as Boros is to be done with school, he's still quite nervous about Yvette. Adults, even Young Adults, are notoriously unimaginative. If he's going to help Yvette, he's going to have to do it soon!

The Panthos' haven't been big on birthday presents, but Ares felt that this particular milestone was perhaps more stressful than it ought to be for Boros. Ares has spent most of his life just hoarding his Happiness Points and so he selflessly traded them all in to get the Collection Helper for Boros. Once he becomes too stressed to work on the chemistry set anymore this little device will highlight all of the rocks and gems in Sunset Valley so they're easier to spot. Boros graciously thanked his father, Yvette did too even if Ares couldn't see it. One way or another Yvette will be in this family.


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