Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sim Legathree #6

After the Grim Reaper left with the stray, the Panthos family sat and talked about it a bit before heading to bed. The next morning Ares went to work and Boros went to school as normal; Zelda (who doesn't work until the afternoon) volunteered to find a nice place for the unexpected tombstone.

After wandering around Sunset Valley for a few hours she finally found a nice spot she thought a dog would like. Through a little wooded area there is a small park with picnic tables and trees and flowers. She set the tombstone down between two apple trees. She sat and thought existential thoughts for a while before heading back home. She actually took the whole day off because.....

It's Boros' birthday again! Everybody gathered around as Boros made his wish. He wish as hard as he could for just a little more time to make Yvette real.

Both he and Yvette (and his parents to a lesser degree) were relieved when Yvette aged up into an imaginary teenager shortly after, but Boros is a teenager now. A life stage that comes with a whole slew of new responsibilities. Will he be able to keep his imagination strong enough for long enough? Why are they not finding any Rainbow Gems? Is the Landgraab Science Facility playing some kind of cruel joke here?

Over the weekend Yvette promised to continue searching for a Rainbow Gem if Ares would teach Boros how to drive. That is a stress she could do without.

As a Vehicle Enthusiast Ares could not bear the thought of Boros driving his car for his first time on the road. So they took Yvette's car and Yvette took Ares' car. Don't they look precious in that little pink thing? Ares was actually happy for this opportunity because it gave him some alone time with his son to go over the importance of the Legacy, what it means and where he comes from. Even going over their ancestors from Adam to Zion. Surely a lot of information to absorb while trying to learn how to drive, but Boros managed to soak in all of it and even earned his driving certificate before the weekend was over! As a congratulatory present Ares tearfully presented Boros with his old car. Although, the sadness of passing on what had become a friend to him (yes, Vehicle Enthusiasts can actually be friends with cars) was not so deep as the excitement of getting to know this hot little number he picked up at a bargain the last time he was at the Consignment Store.

The proprietor was kind enough to cut him a deal since he's been unable to find a Rainbow Gem. "Usually I can find a person willing to sell anything, but nobody's seen a Rainbow Gem in years around here. Good luck on your search and I'll let you know if one comes through." This news did not sit well with Boros, but having his own car to show off in helped a little. Only a little since Yvette can't ride in it until she's made real!

On his first day of high school Boros managed to make another friend. He and Aron had eaten lunch together a few times, but high school is so big you kinda cling onto anything you can for familiarity. Renee is still around, but she's a cheerleader now so she doesn't have time to come over after school like she used to. So to get through their first high school homework bombardment Aron offered to come over so they could plow through it together.

Halfway through their homework Boros managed to bring up the topic of "imaginary things" by mentioning that he had heard that someone had seen a unicorn recently. Aron volunteered that he could believe that because his brother actually had an imaginary friend come to life so anything is possible. What?! Boros jumped on this and pumped Aron for information. Turns out his brother was a bit of an eccentric and spent his whole childhood practically chained to some chemistry set he ordered online. After several failed experiments he finally created a potion that made his friend real and the whole family was shocked when they could finally see this "friend" he'd been yammering on about.

After Ares returned home Boros wasted no time asking him if he could have a chemistry set. Since Ares is doing quite well at the office, having just been named Chairman of the Board, and Zelda is making a little more money as a back-up singer now they decided a little chemistry set was not an unreasonable request. Now Boros' days are literally full between school, homework, keeping up his relationship with Yvette and mixing together chemicals hoping for that magic spark that will give Sim-life to his bestest friend. He called Aron to see if his brother could remember how he made the potion, but unfortunately no notes were kept. If they can't find a Rainbow Gem soon then Boros is just going to have to wing it.

Being so busy between office and home, Ares totally forgot that his birthday was coming up. At least there was still some leftover cake. Now he is a proper adult. See the age lines? A part of him is now looking forward to retirement while another part of him wants to do everything he can to build a solid foundation for his Legacy.

Zelda, who's birthday is still a little ways off, thinks the new aged-up Ares is just the sexiest thing ever. It tickles her to now be married to an "older man". I wonder if she'll still think so when she's an adult and he's an elder?

Apparently Zelda got a little too excited one night. They're expecting again! At least the time off will allow her to perfect her guitar skill, and this time they can afford the baby. Looks like it's time for another house expansion. If Boros succeeds in making Yvette real, their little starter home will be quite full. What could possibly happen next?

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