Monday, June 4, 2012

Sim Legathree #5

Hello and welcome back. The Panthos family has been more or less trudging along as normal. Ares and Zelda are working hard toward their Lifetime Goals while Boros tries to juggle school and keeping Yvette happy. She doesn't have a lot going on, you know. Only existing while Boros is home. So she gets a little touchy when Renee decides to follow him home from school....

Fortunately Renee can't see Yvette, but Boros can. Trying to juggle two women at such a young age can be quite stressful. But he doesn't want his new (real) friend to think he's crazy.

One night while working on his latest book, 1001 Llama Jokes, Ares recieved an interesting email from the Landgraab Science Facility. Apparently their monitors have picked up an unusual Sim-energy generating from the Panthos residence. Given the data they've accumulated on such things over the years they believe that Boros has made an imaginary friend and would like the opportunity to test their own "Imaginary No More Zappamajig". All they require is a Rainbow Gem to power it up. This came as quite a shock to both Ares and Zelda, but Boros (and Yvette) was thrilled! So the search for a Rainbow Gem commenced.

Sadly, Rainbow Gems are quite rare and they are having a hard time finding one. Especially since this, still rather new, family doesn't have a Collection Helper. Since he's already been outted to his family, Boros takes the opportunity to fill his parents in on Yvette and how special she is to him. So now the family is united (not that they were really divided, just... busy, right?) in the quest to make her tangible. She's obviously real enough if the scientists can detect her.

In between searches, waiting for one to spawn somewhere or show up in the consignment store, Boros spends all of his free time playing with Yvette.

The longer it takes them to find a Rainbow Gem, the more afraid he becomes that she could just vanish at any moment.

So he does everything he can think of to keep his imagination in shape and keep her engaged. He even manages to work on his homework during lunch so he doesn't have to waste a single moment of his time at home.

Between work, searching and skill building, the young couple hasn't had quite as much alone time as they once did. Still, they make every effort. They may be busy busy Sims, but neither of them wants their relationship status to decay like so many other unfortunate Sim couples. Efforts are made and rewarded as the couple makes time to Woohoo at least every other night. Even if it means one of them misses out on an hour or two of sleep before work.

It is strange enough to think that their family may grow by one without their intent behind it. After diligent saving they decide to make some effort to at least appear normal to their high class, old money neighbors. So they tear down their tetris-shaped house and opt for a more traditional square. This decision dwindles their savings back down to single-digit simoleons, but at least now their home looks like an "on purpose" house.

Since Pets have been re-added to Simland, it's not strange to find a stray cat or dog, or even a rogue deer, meandering through the yard. Usually they come, sleep a while and then leave just as quickly. However, shortly after their massive renovation a very scraggly, very old dog came by. The poor thing was only there for an hour or so when the Grim Reaper came and claimed him.....

I've never seen a Pet die on Sims 3. Usually the game glitches horribly or lags so bad because of the pets that I move on to something else. So this was a first for me and it was so sad. I was quite surprised, however, at how EA handled Pet deaths.

The Grim Reaper bent down to hug the poor, old dog. Then he used a stick to open the "ghost death portal" or whatever. Got the dog excited about the stick and then threw it up into the portal for the dog to chase after. Even though it was just a stray the family was still sad to see it go. I was sad, too and almost cried when the Grim Reaper hugged him. I don't know if Pets come back as ghosts, but I'm still going to build a Pet Cemetary for the tombstone.


  1. omggg.. I'm tearing up at the grim reaper hugging the dog! How sad! I hope yall find the rainbow gem asap!

    1. Right?! I couldn't believe he was being so nice to that dog. Gonna keep looking for the rainbow gem. *fingers crossed*

  2. I can't wait to see what happens with Yvette!!

    1. Hopefully something will happen soon! She keeps walking in on Boros while he's taking a shower.... lol


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