Friday, June 1, 2012

Sim Legathree #4

Things have been going great in the Panthos household. The growing family is creating their own rhythm and schedule. It's so nice when Sims are so cooperative.

Zelda was super excited to try out her new kitchen. She was a bit intimidated by the cheap stove (even though it did come with a complementary fire alarm) so she decided to try out her non-existant cooking skills with a very non-flammable salad.

It appears Ares found it more to his liking than Zelda did. Or maybe she's just surprised at how good it is? Either way, variety is the spice of every Sim's life! And now that she's got a little cooking experience under her belt, maybe Zelda can try her hand at something hot next time? But first....

Birthday again!! Sim infants grow up so quickly! Boros is now a Child and ready to take on all of the challanges that come with childhood. Whether his new (random) trait of Inappropriate will help or hinder him... Well, I don't know.

Who else is totally not shocked that Yvette grew up into an Imaginary Friend with Boros? I mean, he just would not let her go. At least this way he doesn't have to be worried about being lonely.

Money has been so tight for this family, but happily they were able to add another bedroom! They made it a little bigger so they kept that one and gave Boros the old bedroom. With a bunk bed because that's what Boros wanted, and they could afford it. If barely.

Boros was quite nervous about his first day of school, but Yvette helped take his mind off of it until the bus came. She's such a good friend. With Boros going to school now, Zelda is able to get to work totally on time! It's such a relief when Sim children don't need an adult 24/7 anymore.

As it turns out, Boros didn't need to be quite so nervous about school. Sure it's always hard being the new kid, but he wasn't the only one! He met Renee, an exchange student from Champs le Sims. They hit it off so well that Renee came home with Boros so they could do their homework together. Isn't that adorable?

~*~Side Note:~*~ I just installed Showtime, so there is sure to be some interesting stuff coming up as I discover what all came with the EP. *fingers crossed* there's not some horrid glitch that demolishes my save or I just might cry.


  1. Awww Boros made a friend. How cute :)

    1. I'm hoping they fixed whatever is was that made the "active story" in Sims 3 not quite so active.... After a while my town ended up empty. :/ They're supposed to procreate!

  2. That's so cool that they can have imaginary friends. I never came across that when playing. I'm liking this storyline so far!!

    1. They came with the Generations expansion pack. :) Whenever a baby is born they get a doll and if they play with it then it'll turn into a "friend". If they don't play with it, then it just stays as a doll.


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