Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sim Legathree #16

Not a lot has happened since Nel's release from the lamp. The Panthos family is trucking along their normal routines. Ares painting, Zelda gardening, Boros sculpting, Yvette writing, Cosmo heading off to the army base each morning and Nel getting to know her surroundings and her new soon-to-be family. So we're going to start this off a little differently. The one thing the Panthos' have been busy doing is expanding!

Slowly their home is starting to look like a proper "Legacy Estate". The bedrooms of the two younger generations have been expanded, there is now a gym and Boros' sculpting studio has also gotten a little bigger.

Ares decided to put in a little pool house. There is a bathroom and a mini kitchen for anyone finding themselves on the far end of the grounds with nowhere to "go".

The hot tub was Zelda's idea. It is the perfect place for her and Ares to get cozy.

Even though there aren't any children currently, Yvette decided to concoct this ginormous on-ground playground in anticipation of little grandchildren of her own.

While "testing" the water slide she received a call from an athletic manager. He saw her going all out at the gym and asked if she'd like to come down and try out for the Lady Llama softball team. She enjoys writing, but the "Invisible Lover" books have gotten a bit stale. Softball would be a nice change of pace and get her out of the house more. She wasted no time getting to the stadium to try out.

Cosmo and Nel don't have a lot of time to spend together, so they try to make the time that they do have count. Like her fresh "I'm a freed genie" makeover?

While Cosmo is at work Nel has been spending more time with Zelda. They both have Green Thumbs, you know, so it's only natural for Zelda to want to pass on her gardening knowledge. Her banana tree has reached an Excellent state, but is still a ways off from Perfect. Hopefully the helping hand of a genie can bring a little magic to her little garden.

The army decided to put on it's own Military Olympics. All new recruits were "asked to volunteer". Cosmo made a good showing, but the final results have yet to be tallied. Poor fella looks exhausted...

One last little bit, an insane splurge for the Panthos Family gym....

Now that is a ginormous television. At least it's already being put to good use. Ares should make that Unbreakable soon. Just in case. I hope Cosmo and Nel are able to get married soon. I admit, I'm a little anxious for the pitter-patter of little Sim feet again.

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