Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sim Legathree #15

Oh they grow up so quickly!

Cosmo is now a young adult. *sniffles* He must be a pretty satisfied sim because the only wish he could think to make was that he wished Aunt Belinda could be there. Interestingly, the trait he gained upon aging-up was Family Oriented. I guess it was in there after all.

Belinda was still in Champs le Sims and couldn't get off of work, but she did call and had sent a birthday package for Cosmo. It came with a note reading: "I feel my appearance at your last birthday may have cheated you out of a wish. Hopefully this will make up for that." How strange. Cosmo didn't have time to open it yet, though.

First everyone had his graduation ceremony to attend where Cosmo was named Valedictorian and voted "Most Likely to Get Electrocuted", a nod at his handiness skill. Directly after graduation Cosmo headed to the Ft. Gnome Military Base. He was accepted into Sunset Valley's military and looks fantastic in his new uniform.

Basic training is difficult, but rewarding. It's also pretty time consuming (even with a physical head-start) so Cosmo wasn't able to open his present until the weekend.

Why would Aunt Belinda send him a dusty old lamp to make up for not coming up with a wish?... Man this thing is dusty.... WOAH!

There was a genie living in that lamp! Where would Belinda find such a thing? Cosmo was so taken aback that he still couldn't come up with anything to wish for, even after the genie suggested a few things himself. Instead they spent the whole weekend getting to know each other. The genie was so touched and surprised that a Sim would take the time to get to know him, that he offered to introduce Cosmo to his sister.

Cosmo was so excited by the prospect of meeting another genie (another female genie) that he rubbed his lamp right after work on Monday. I think that Panthos "love at first sight" gene runs strong, because he also summoned Nel on Tuesday... and Wednesday... and Thursday....

They really seem to be hitting it off.

Ares and Zelda have no problems with Cosmo pursuing a genie. Their daughter-in-law was once imaginary, after all. Nobody ever said the Legacy had to consist of only purebread Sims!

Neither Cosmo nor Nel was sure how things were going to work out, but still they went on dates. Visiting the beach and the cafe and the park. They haven't been dancing, but that's because Nel is Clumsy and self-conscious about her dancing. Still, they get along very well and really seem to like each other.

After a week of courting (a long time for a Panthos), Cosmo had the insane idea to wish for Nel's freedom! Can they do that? Nel thinks so, but the bonds of the lamp are quite strong and they would have to weaken those bonds before she would be able to break free.

First Cosmo had to freeze the lamp in the fridge, then superheat it in the oven. The final task was to take the lamp below ground where "the undead rest". That was the most difficult. Cosmo endured slimy ponds, moving shadows and a zombie bear before the lamp finally began to shake in his hands.

Cosmo ran towards the exit as fast as he could manage, bursting through the mausoleum doors just as the lamp flew from his hands and Nel busted free in a flash of glowing blue. She's free!

I'm glad that the two fell in love before Cosmo risked his life for Nel's freedom. Otherwise he might not know if she really loved him back, or if she was just grateful to him for freeing her. I wonder what's to become of her brother?...


  1. This is getting good!!! Setting a genie free!? I never did cool stuff like that on Sims.

    1. The genies came in the Showtime expansion pack. :) There is so much cool stuff they can do! I can't wait for Supernatural, though. Then things will get really interesting.

  2. Replies
    1. Me too! :D Way cooler addition than some of the other "creatures". What's the point in having a sim bot if everybody's going to stop what they're doing to be shocked that it's there?


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