Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sim Legathree #14

Yvette's mid-life crisis went strong for a few days.

After her first exhausting trip to the gym, she decided she needed another. What's the point of dropping a few pounds if you're not toned? She went and built up a little muscle mass to make herself look leaner.

A new physique deserves a new hair style. I'm not to keen on it being that short, but she seems to like it.

And Boros doesn't mind it either. Yvette's final grasp at "change" involved a 10,000simoleon upgrade to the homestead. Actually, three upgrades.

She began by surrounding the property with a stone fence. Then she dug a swimming pool. Nobody has used it yet, but nothing says "prestige" like an in-ground swimming pool.

After building this 5-car garage she finally felt like she had contributed to the Legacy household. Well, contributed more than producing the next in line.

Retirement hasn't quite agreed with Ares.

He's back to painting. He's still the one most asked to help Cosmo with his homework, but that doesn't take long at all. So he spends his days painting and selling his work to local businesses.

Boros has been using Zelda's Perfect fruits and vegetables to whip up some amazing meals. Like Stuff Tursoykey. It's like meat, except it doesn't make Ares sick like meat. He's also been sculpting like a man possessed.

No medium is beyond his grasp. In fact, when Yvette asked him to sculpt something to display near the new pool, he had the perfect idea.

The... perfect... what is he doing?


I'm not sure if that's what Yvette had in mind, but he seems proud of his metallic creation.

Cosmo has cemented his place on the honor roll, which left him with plenty of time to practice when the Shop Class Captain was unable to fulfill his duties due to slipping grades. The school held a "bridge building" competition (both functional and symbolic) and the winner would become the new Captain. Cosmo was more determined than ever to make sure that the winner would be him.

Putting a hold on his work-out regimen to focus on Handiness paid off! Cosmo built the sturdiest, most beautiful bridge the Shop teacher had ever seen. It was inside the school, so I didn't get to see it, but this framed saw plaque tells it all. Cosmo is the new Shop Class Captain.

Unfortunately, he won't have much time to revel in his victory. His birthday is drawing near and he won't be in school for much longer. With graduation around the corner the school held an awards assembly for all after school programs. Cosmo was commended for his contributions and the whole family showed up to cheer him on. Cosmo isn't Family Oriented officially, but seeing them all participate in something together always makes him happy. So happy that after the ceremony he took them all out to eat. At the diner, of course, because Zelda keeps them stocked with only the freshest, best tasting produce. Adulthood is drawing near, and Zelda and Ares' life bars are filling quickly... I wonder how much more they'll be able to accomplish.


  1. I laughed so hard at Boros' creation to go by the pool. Fabulous.


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