Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sim Legathree #13

Time for prom!

Even though he didn't have a date, Cosmo was not going to let that stop him from showing up. He looked very dapper in his suit and had a great time! There was a bit of a scuffle when he was caught flirting with another guy's date, but that didn't stop him from being named Prom King!

While Cosmo was out enjoying himself at the prom, Boros and Yvette had a little talk about Cosmo's plans for space travel.

He's obviously very serious about it, and even though he's more focused than your average Sim (not many teenagers manage an Althetic skill of 7 already!), it's still dangerous. They have no intentions of trying to talk him out of it or anything, just that some things need to be gotten out in the open. It was nice for both of them to talk and find they're on the same page.

This time around prom landed on a Friday (in Simland, it doesn't always) so even though Cosmo did sleep in a bit, he still had all weekend to learn how to drive! And so a tradition is born as Boros relates the tales of their ancestors and the importance of continuing the Panthos legacy. He also asked Cosmo to promise his mother that he'll be safe when it comes time to launch himself out into space.

Oh no! With all of the excitement over the weekend, Cosmo forgot to do his homework! Luckily Boros was up early enough to help him out before the bus came.

Birthday time again! I learned with the triplets (a story that starts here, but ended abruptly) that Frankenputer does not handle simultaneous birthdays very well. So Boros had his birthday in the morning, and Yvette had hers in the afternoon. Now they are full-fledged adults!

Boros decided to turn Belinda's old room into his new sculpting studio. Yep, his third skill to master in order to fulfill his Lifetime Wish. He's already well on his way!

He loves working with the ice, so it was kind of a surprise that he accepted a challange by the Outstanding Citizens (an underground crime organization) to craft 7 wooden sculptures for them. Boros is definitely focused when it comes to mastering every aspect of his chosen skills. At least he can make some money off of this one and has registered as a self-employed sculptor.

I suppose it was her early Lifetime Wish achievement that triggered Yvette's mid-life crisis. After so much time tethered to her computer she just needed change! She started off by exhausting herself at the gym.

After a shower and massage she headed over to the salon and handed the reigns over to Rodolfus. "Make me look younger!!" she exclaimed. She certainly seems to like her new (temporary) look, but what about Boros? He's the one who's got to look at her.

Boros, as it turns out, never even looks at clothes. Being Innappropriate he's often found in his pajamas all day anyway. "Whatever makes you happy", he said.

Turns out what made her really happy was treating herself to a new car. All this on the first day of an 8 day crisis! I wonder what other demands she'll make. As the current big money-maker she can buy herself whatever she wants. Still... I hope this doesn't throw the family back into the poor house.

Zelda paid little mind to the goings on around the house. She's been distracted by nostalgia lately. All of the perfect dishes sitting in the fridge and she's been drinking juice, just like her and Ares used to when they couldn't afford groceries. I wonder what she's thinking about.... Ares is still around, puttering around the house using his Handiness to upgrade everything he can. He's making the most of his retirement and thoroughly enjoys being removed from the "daily grind".


  1. I totally would have gone to the prom with Cosmo. Also, I love when a male sim jumps into a female sim's arms. So awesome.


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