Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sim Legathree #12

Guess who's home?

Belinda graduated from Smuggsworth Prep with honors and a hefty head-start. She's creative and charismatic and now 100% focused on her Lifetime Wish of being a Master Stylist. After putting in some face time with the family she'll be headed to Champs le Sims to start her adult life as a (hopefully?) world famous Stylist.

As strange and childish as her room now seems, there is a measure of comfort in being able to come home. Tomorrow's going to be a hectic day!

First, breakfast with her dad. She thanks him for the opportunity to attend Smuggsworth and asks what he thinks of her moving to France. Ares is sad, but supportive. He knows they did the best for her and she's prepared to follow her dream.

With Zelda (aka: Mom) busy in the garden, Belinda peeks in on Yvette. After all of the phone calls Belinda feels as close to her as anybody. While discussing Belinda's plans they decide it's time for this once-Imaginary Sim to have a make-over. The first "official" make-over by the soon-to-be Amazing Belinda! I think she looks lovely. Motherly and natural. Yvette loves it and wishes Belinda all the best in France.

By the time those two are done with their little girly-fest, Zelda is finished in the garden. They don't have a lot in common so there's not a lot to talk about. Just the promise to write or call daily.

Boros is perched in front of the tv trying to learn new recipes from Cookin' Cable, as he is most days, so Belinda plops down next to her beloved brother. They may have lost a ton of growing up time together, but they're still close. Belinda thanks him for the lovely memories of him doting on her as a toddler and Boros thanks her for not being a totally annoying little sister. They heckle each other for a bit before assembling for the biggest event of the night.

Surprise!! Cosmo was delighted to have his whole family gathered and for a surprise birthday party for him to boot! He's so happy he can't think of a single thing to wish for and just blows out his candles.

Cosmo is a fine looking teenager, and his narrow determination drives the girls crazy. First thing after aging up he signs himself up for an after school shop class to work on his Handiness, and he gives his chin-up bar a test drive. Boros and Yvette asked him if he wanted to attend Ft. Starch Military Academy to get his diploma, but he's very adamant about staying in regular high school and earning his own way onto the base.

Zelda's age-up into Elderhood fell on the same day as Cosmo's, so she opted to let him have the spotlight. She may be firmly settled into old age, but Zelda still manages to get out and tend her growing garden. Her banana tree is now "Bad" and should be growing "Normal" to possibly "Nice" bananas very soon. She's got some Flame and Plasma fruit planted and after presenting 10 Outstanding cheeses to the diner they awarded her with the ability to plant Steak and Burger plants! 10 Outstanding steaks will undoubtedly unlock the coveted Omni plant. I hope she has time!

Since neither Ares nor Zelda were very athletic, the end could come at any time. They are certain to make the most of every day.

Belinda enjoyed the time with her family, but the itch to fulfill her Lifetime Wish is strong and she is soon gone again. Good luck Belinda! Maybe we'll see you again after you make it big.


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    1. lol Well that kinda sucks cuz they're gonna. I've got to get through 10 generations and 20 sims won't fit in the house.

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    1. lol She'll be alright. ;) Depending on how things go I may be able to bring her back for a bit.


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