Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sim Legathree #11

Cosmo had his birthday! While expanding and decorating his room he's already showing off his very distinct personality.

Cosmo wants to be an astronaut. And he's going to work very hard to get there. To encourage his skill development and keep him focused, Boros and Yvette enrolled him in scouts.

He's a natural at earning badges,

And has even learned how to salute! He's well on his way to space.

The scouts hosted a special event in which the participants had to help little old ladies through an obstacle course. Cosmo earned this special badge by helping the most little old ladies in the quickest time.

He's doing very well in school, but with so many people at home to help with his homework, this means plenty of time to play.

Bouncing for the stars.

And dreaming of the day when he'll be amongst them.

Zelda took Yvette's advice to heart and resumed her fishing. She's even catching some unusual fish like this Robot Fish!

Surely a Robot Fish would not make good fertilizer, so Zelda invested in a fish tank. She threw in a Vampire Fish to keep the Robot Fish company. They should be ok together, right?

Yvette has also completed her Lifetime Wish of recieving 4000simoleons/week in book royalties. Even so she continues to stretch her creativity. She's currently invested in a series of Romance Novels featuring the "Imaginary Lover". Each one is a best seller!

Ares is now an Elder. The whole family (sans Belinda) gathered together for a special meal honoring the last birthday of their patriarch.

The first thing he did was retire! Ares now gets 400simoleons/day as a pension and has all the free time in the world. Another cause for celebration! I still don't understand the yeti signs....

I guess Zelda really does like older Sims. These two sure have come a long way and they're still so adorable together.

Shortly after retirement Ares also achieved his Lifetime Wish! This is the masterpiece he was creating when he finally maxed out his painting skill. Following in Zelda's footsteps, this will be his last work. Squirreled away to increase in value in the years following his imminent demise. (Sorry, I really couldn't find a nice/poetic way to say it)

Boros is as intent on mastering Cooking as he was Logic. He is determined to learn every available recipe. In order to hone his craft (this particular one anyway) he needed a more suitable kitchen. Finally, room to create!

Belinda should be graduating from prep school soon, and Cosmo is nearly a teenager. What fun things are in store for this family? Check back soon!


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