Monday, June 11, 2012

Sim Legathree #10

Time to check back in on the Panthos family!

Did I say cheese plant? I believe I did! Harvesting 10 excellent cheeses will unlock even more special plants for Zelda to cultivate and love.

Giving birth was, apparently, very difficult for Yvette. She's been sleeping a lot lately. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea having a baby so soon after becoming real. Boros has been very good about picking up the slack, though. Without too much else to do he's taken on the task of teaching Cosmo.



And the all-important potty training. Boros has actually had a lot of fun with these fatherly duties and can't wait until it's time to teach Cosmo how to drive so he can have the Legacy Talk with his own son.

Even though he's only one short week away from retirement, when the boss lady says "I'm having a party, you should come" it still translates to "be there or it's your ass". So Ares pulled himself away from the computer and popped in to make an appearance. Nancy Landgraab is getting pretty old, so the extra face time seemed a bit unwarranted after the time they've worked together. Even so, it was kinda nice to boost up the friendship. Getting a peek inside her mansion wasn't too shabby either. All in all Ares had a good night and got home in time to max out his writing skill before bed. Now he can concentrate on his painting.

Concidering her rocky start, it was kind of a surprise that Zelda was the first in the family to attain her Lifetime Wish! After one spectacular concert, which ended up being her "farewell concert", Zelda was named a true Rock Star. Better to quit while you're ahead and that's exactly what she did. As soon as she got home she called up the band manager and said that was it for her. Time to fade into obscurity and pour herself into her true passion. Gardening.

Zelda took a portion of her grande finale concert profits to travel to Shang Simla and Champs le Sims to pick up a few regionally specific fruits to grow in her own garden. Since Boros has been working so hard on his cooking, far surpassing her own skill, she picked up some regional cook books for him as well.

Zelda is quite proud of her nearly complete garden. Only a few more harvestables to unlock and her garden will truly be the envy of Sunset Valley. She doesn't even want to concider what might happen to it when she dies. For now she's just trying to enjoy the peace and fresh air.

After weeks of rest Yvette is feeling a bit better. Still a little weak, but able to at least stay awake during the day. Even though she's not a gardener herself, her and Zelda are still able to have a nice discussion concerning the use of fish as fertilizer. Something to look into.

It's almost Cosmo's birthday, and Ares' will shortly follow. Belinda should be home from prep school soon as well. There are sure to be some drastic changes in this household in the near future. We'll soon see how those play out, won't we?


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