Tuesday, June 12, 2012

SH: Fuschia Sapphire +Zombie Nail Art

Ok, why is my text box all small all of a sudden? -_- Bad enough I find out bravenet is making the part I store my webpages in a pay site now (and the free one says my "trial has expired"?!) so I have to move my stash, now this? Whatever. I will not let that ruin my mood (again).

So, a couple months ago we heard about this game coming out called Lollipop Chainsaw. You play as this cheerleader chick who has her boyfriends head attached to her belt and you kill zombies. Kinda corny, right? Maybe. Once Game Stop announced that they were releasing an "Ash Skin" (where the chick is dressed like Ash from Evil Dead and has short black hair), we had to preorder. I got a bit excited about it (then a bit disheartened, then excited again) and decided to do a special mani for the release. So my little girly video game didn't warrant a midnight release party. Doesn't mean I'm any less excited about it!

HA! A lot of people are trash-talking this game because it's not a "serious" video game, but you know what? It's a game and it's not meant to be serious. I played the first two levels already (and got 8 achievements!) and I love this game!! It is hilarious! Not every game released has to be some epic masterpiece. It's a game. It's supposed to be fun. :p Butt-nobbers. *ahem* Back to my mani.

So, I thought the chick's boyfriend turned into a zombie (he doesn't and knowing that doesn't ruin anything so no raggin' on me for spoiler-alerts) so I opted for one zombie-faced accent nail.

I started with a coat of NYC French White Tip.

Two coats of Sally Hansen's Fuschia Sapphire (chrome, even though the official name doesn't say so), which actually needed the two coats. Shocked me. Still I did nearly a full mani so I'm counting this as a swatch. ;)

Next a coat of Piggy Polish: Poet-Tree to green up my zombie face a bit. Just a bit. lol

To give that nail sufficient time to dry I did some stamping on my other fingers. I'll get to the images in a moment. I used Sally Hansen Burmese Ruby and Blue Sapphire. After the fact I re-did one nail with the NYC white, but I dunno how important that is.... just... yeah.

Back to the face! I used the Sinful Colors Bad Chick nail art brush to start off the eyeballs.

And that Amuse nail art pen that I picked up from Goodwill to finish off the face. Cute!! :D If I do say so myself. If I had known how awesome this nail art pen thing was (I didn't even know that that's what it was until last night!) I would have picked up more!! Look at that detail! *falls over* I wish I had gotten more.....

I decided the whole mani would look (and photograph) better matte, and I'm glad I was right for once! lol I think this first pic coming up is hazy from condensation....

Left Hand






Right Hand






*phew* Too much? *shrugs* The skull and blood drips are from Konad Plate m13; the rose, heart and XOXO are from the Salon Express kit.

When we first went to pick up my game the freakin' computers were down, so we had to wait. On the way home we went by Dollar Tree. To keep myself from crying (it's been a really rough week) I picked up:

This red glitter LA Colors nail art polish, and...

This!! OMG They had, like, 4 or 5 different ones to choose from. This one with hearts and flowers and shapes, one with loose bar glitter, one with loose regular glitter and one that I swear looked like it had loose flakies glitter.... I may go back for that one. There may have been another I'm forgetting. I thought I'd be more likely to actually use the hearts and flowers so that's the one I picked.

I was going to make this one post, but I thought I'd give the next one it's own seperate showing. Stay tuned! Coming up next: Another Downed Tree. Or... some other title, I haven't decided yet. Needless to say we had a storm and it knocked down a tree and you'll wanna come back to see it. ;)


  1. omg! i love the skull stamp! i'm so going to look for that plate! thanks for saying which one it's from! The zombie is cute too!

    1. It's adorable, right? lol And you found such a great set to get it in!

  2. Hahaha that zombie head is too cute!

  3. The Zombie is so cool! I love it!


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