Friday, June 8, 2012

SC: Mint Apple & Zoya: Zuza & Nabi: Punky & Julep Box

Oh yes, there is a story behind that ginormous title. So yesterday Aaron tells me that the guys are gonna be back on Monday to finish work on the trailer. I dunno why my mom told him and not me, but thankfully he didn't assume I already knew. Which is good. I was freaking out for a whole minute (seriously shaking in my seat) trying to figure out how I was going to get everything taken care of in time. So I sat here to do my nails and regroup, put together a game plan and all that. Went through my list and decided on Mint Apple.

Aaron picked this out for me during one of the Sinful Colors sales at Walgreens. It's actually kind of a seafoam green with silver shimmer. I think that's three coats, though, because it was a little sheer/patchy.

Everything was going fine(ish) until I made the mistake of trying to add tips with essence: Luxury Secret (you can see Bethany's swatch here and yes, girl, I'm totally gaga over essence lol) which would have been ok if I had any kinds of time and didn't decide to try and do dishes shortly after topcoating. Everything got smudged around and just looked awful. So I took it off.

Still, I needed something on my nails and fast because bedtime was fast approaching. What haven't I worn yet that was sure to dry fast and was bright and happy colored? Oh yeah, Zuza.... Looks like you're up, darling.

Zuza did need two coats, but being a foily/metallic they dried really quickly. The amazing Zoya brush meant I didn't have a buttload of cleanup afterwords. I know it looks a lot like Mint Apple, but it really is more teal. Just that it's been rainy and overcast (after I was just telling Sandy that sun wouldn't be a problem) so that's why they look alike.

So this morning I had a ton of prep work to do for both myself and Aaron. I ended up sleeping in (bad Lizzy!!) a bit so I was rushed. Ran into Ulta to check for Myrta (still no luck), skipped the mall, ran into Walmart and was making really good time (for me... I'm slow) so I popped into the other Walgreens fully intending to pick up a magnetic Nabi.... and then.... well.... I thought to myself "I really should wait for Colette's swatch video before investing in one of these creamy looking magnetics" so I grabbed this from the SC rack:

Yep, even the nail art ones are on sale ($1.50 instead of $1.99) and I happened to peak at the crackle Nabis. Well.... you know how I'm just head-over-heals for that ugly lime green.....

It's actually more of a green-gold, but still nice and toxic looking.

Love it!! :D Though I do think orange would have offset it better..... *whimpers*.....

Anyway, I think I'm starting to freak Aaron out a bit. We're just sitting here like normal and all of a sudden my head perks up. I heard "something" and without a word I went to investigate. Sitting on the porch was a package waiting for me!

That was super quick!! (And only a penny, get yours here! LOL) So what did I get?

Toe seperators! And...

Pedi cream and two polishes. Jodie (the bronze/copper one) and Annette (the grey one). Ok, I just smelled the pedi cream and cucumber and mint are kind of odd smelling together.... but my hands are nice and soft now. Like... weirdly soft. Hrm.... Depending on how Sunday goes (bachelorette party planning) I'll decide then if I want to go for the Julep mystery box. There's a chance of getting either the entire polish line or a limited edition color for $20. Could you imagine? The whole line?! HA! Not with my luck.... It's a limited time/quantity offer, though, so who knows? By then they might be all sold out anyways. Still, Sandy really likes these so I'm super excited to try them. Excited enough to try one tonight? I dunno yet. I.... really.... don't know. I'm so tired, but I have to stay up so we can make a dumpster run. So much to do. I'll have to just browse my stash page and see what pops out at me, I guess. Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. i never thought to smell the pedi cream...and being super lazy...i mean busy...yeah we'll go with busy...i have yet to use it! i know! i'm a slacker! i like the bronze/copper better than me describing it as a wine-ish. Now you need the sun to come out b4 you do Jodie! like i said it makes such a difference!

    1. I'll definitely pre-check the forecast. We keep getting rain or rain-adjacent. lol I had to smell it cuz I think one of the posts I checked tracking down a code (which I didn't end up needing) said she thought it smelled really bad. It's not "bad"... just an odd smelling combination. I've gotta find some clean socks and I'll definitely use it tonight. Course, I can actually reach my feet. ;) Love you!!

  2. Zuza is my absolute fav!! So pretty unlike that green crack! LOL sorry but I really dislike crack, especially when put over something so pretty! :)

    1. LOL To each her own. :) I love the crack polishes. I almost went back for another one until I realized I still have three of the glitter ones to get. ;)

  3. Zuza is so beautiful! I really like Mint Apple too!

    1. Me too! More than I expected to, actually.


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