Friday, June 15, 2012

SC: Dream On & ChG: Gleam Me Up

I'm back! lol I know it hasn't been that long, and it was kind of a relief to not do my nails every day. It wasn't totally on purpose, though. I just got so caught up playing Lollipop Chainsaw. So I kept my LC nails an extra day and yesterday I tried out Sinful Colors: Dream On.

It's supposed to be a neon, so it dried semi-matte. That is the most color accurate picture, but not nearly as bright. :/ All the rest of the pics ended up pretty far off, so just imagine that color only brighter. lol It was pretty sheer and gave me that freakish dirt-line I had only gotten with oranges. Until now. -_- It wasn't near as noticeable in real life.

There it is outside. The formula on this was amazing. It glided on so smoothly. I kept it shiny while I wore it, but I did get a compare picture for the different finishes.

From left to right: Shiny, Normal, Matte. Shiny really was the best and I got so many compliments! Yep, getting those white specks in my matte again. Think I'll switch to the new bottle. I also have a color compare.

Left to right: essence - Break Through, China Glaze - Flying Dragon, Sinful Colors - Dream On. You can see Flying Dragon and Dream On are pretty close, except that FD has the glitter. Break Through ended up being way off.

As much as I ended up loving this color, it kept feeling like it was missing something. I was about to attempt some frenchy tips with the nail art decal thingies I picked up when I got a package!

Yep, I ordered Gleam Me Up off of amazon for about $5. Perfect timing getting here, too. I absolutely love these glitter crackles!! :D (sorry, Abbie, I really do! lol)

I layered it on nice and thick so the glitter would be dense enough to not show too much of Dream On underneath. I'm a bit upset I had to move my website. Stupid bravehost decided their ftp hosting is no longer free as of the end of the month, so if my stash page looks different, that's why. After some research and a ton of work I got the important stuff moved over to Yola. I absolutely hate their html editor. It's so slow!!! *sigh* Now storytime!

Even though Aaron was up early I still wanted to pop into Ulta to check for Myrta. He occupied himself at PetCo. I checked out the clearance section and there is nothing there I'm interested in. I looked around and they had a near empty display of the China Glaze summer neons so I grabbed I'm With The Lifeguard.

I was about to go poking around for something to bring my total up to $10 so I could use my coupon when I decided to look around... It's hard to describe the setup of the store, but from the China Glazes to the left they keep some pretty expensive polishes (did you know Piggy Polish has magnetics now?), I was checking that out and happened to look to my right. I haven't since the first trip because that's not a nail polish aisle over there, but I'm glad I did! On the end of the non-polish aisle on the very bottom was that still nearly full Beach & Surf display!!! Why on earth did they move it there?!

Finally! Myrta is mine!!! (and she's way more orange than that picture makes her look) :D And here I was about to order it online for too much. hehehe Bit of a lucky break. We went to HEB and they have a dollar off two Wet n Wilds, so I grabbed:

Blue Wants To Be
A Millionaire


Pretty. Millionaire looks like it's got some holo glitter in it. Looks like it's also gonna be pretty sheer. I couldn't resist the deep red color and name Jezebel together. I keep checking the essence displays, but so far no luck on new ones, and I think I'm running out of those Wild Shines, too. Not looking forward to removing Gleam Me Up, but it'll all be worth it to finally get Myrta on my nails. So excited! Hope everyone has a great weekend.


  1. Haha as long as you like crack then that's okay :P so jelly that you got that neon from cg andddd myrta!!! Cannot wait to see either of those. How I wish we had zoya in England!

    1. I'll be posting Myrta either today or tomorrow. :) I don't know if it would be cheaper than eBay, but this site ( has Zoya at a discount, I just couldn't find if they ship internationally. :/


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