Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Salon Perfect: Silver Mint & KleanColor: Starry Meteor

OMG It's so hot!!! *cries* My sincerest apologies to all of my UK friends who are experiencing a decidedly un-summery start to the season. Here in Texas we're on our 4th day of triple digit heat already. I did the math for you and that's about 40C this past week. I thought it might be the fires in Colorado (we generally get a nice breeze from up north at the start of the season), but we're getting a lot of southerly winds thanks to the tropical storm. *pleh*

Enough about the weather! I was scrolling through my stash page and decided to finally finish off my Salon Perfects. I also decided to trim down my nails a bit, so don't be scared! lol I'm not nubby, so I'm counting that as a small victory.

Silver Mint is a gorgeous light, minty green chrome. I thought I had an SH chrome in green (my mom seems to recall that as well), but nobody can find it so this is the perfect stand-in. Solid, smooth chrome instead of micro-shimmer foil/metallic. I love it!

Of course this means that it shows every little imperfection. That's ok, though, because there's nothing like a bit of glitter to disguise the flaws.

KleanColor Starry Meteor is an awesomely adorable glitter in a sheer light green base. You can see there the tiny green hex and holo bar glitters.

And the microscopic shimmer glitters. That shimmer glitter is nowhere near full cover, but it is pretty dense. Because of that I really appreciate how sparse the hex and bar glitter is. Just a fun splashing of glitter. :)

Not a lot else going on, so now for the shameless self-promotion segment of my blog.

First, if you have a paypal account, you should join InstantCashSweepstakes. You're missing out. And I'm not just saying that because they have 100% referral matching. ;) It's so fun and easy and has a super low $2 payout. *ahem* Tomorrow SwagBucks is hosting a Summer Social where you get more points from your referrals! Stuff like SBTV and Special Offers are credited instead of just search earnings. I've been keeping up with the daily goals. I love when they do that. Really jumps my Bucks up a lot quicker. Oh! Guess what else? My July Maven Box has been shipped!! :D If last month is any indicator, I'm thinking I could possibly get it by Saturday. So excited! Last bit of shameless self-promotion: I organized my Amazon Wishlist; feel free to check it out. ;) LOL

There, that wasn't too bad, was it? Gotta keep on trying. I'm still putting together my e-splurge list and so far I'm looking at 20 polishes. O_o Curious?

A England: Dragon, St. George, Princess Tears, Camelot

China Glaze: Pool Party, Techno Teal, It's Alive, Kiwi Cool-Ada, Sun-Kissed, Jade-D, Platinum Pieces

Nubar: Treasure, Brilliant, Black Polka Dot, White Polka Dot, Indigo Illusion

Zoya: Chloe, Shawn, Verushka, Crystal

Seems like a lot, huh?..... *shrugs* I feel like I'm going to need a second plastic drawer organizer (not a filing cabinet!! XD) soon.... *facepalm* Gotta get back to meeting my SB goal for today! Y'all be safe, hope you're having a great week.


  1. you are gonna need a filing cabinet! you're just in denial

    1. Yeah, probably. LOL Gonna need more space somehow.

  2. That KC is fancy. I Love the finished look.

  3. Omg 40c!! How do you move? I can't stand 20c haha. That polish is almost reflective, darn I wish it was that would be cool :)

    1. lol I've gotten kind of used to it. I hope one day to find a chrome polish with a mirror finish, but so far it seems they all fall a bit short. :/

  4. adorei seu blog e as unhas tbm!!!!!!!!!


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