Monday, June 18, 2012

Mid-Mani Haul Post

Hi. :) Since my week is so packed full I decided I'd rather spend my sparse free time doing things I enjoy and not so much wondering if my polish is going to dry before bed. So I'm doing a bit of layering (similar to Brandi's 5 Day Layering Experiment over on The Collegiate Nail, but a little different) to keep things different, but as simple as possible. Can I make it the whole week? Doubtful! Hopefully I can manage 'til Thursday, though. In the meantime some things have happened, and some things have been purchased, so that's what I'll be posting.

So yesterday we woke up super early to go jungle mowing. His uncle's mower crapped out (the metal handle-cord rusted through and snapped -_-) so it took twice as long sharing just our mower. Still, we co-oped really well and got it done without killing either one of us. After lunch we headed to HEB and Aaron spotted this:

Actually, he spotted a whole two shelves of new-to-me L.A. Girls/Colour polishes! Specifically he also spotted the magnetics which were only $4 each and went to start gathering groceries while I decided which one(s) I wanted. I got the fuschia/pink because I like the color and it had a new magnet. I wanted to get the chevron design (gonna keep trying!), but it was only on black and I have two black magnetics already. Then I realized that the magnet just pops out of the brush handle so I swapped it with the straight lines that were on the silver and got the color and magnet I wanted. ;)

Last night... I had kind of a hard time sleeping. So I sat at the computer for a bit to cool off (physically, it can get warm if we forget to turn on the fan or something) and while I was going through head2toe beauty and spied Orly's Space Cadet. I remembered seeing swatches before and thinking how cool it looked, but then I held off because I had the Beetlejuices coming soon. Anyway, on h2tb they have it for $10 and at first I thought "I'll add that one to my birthday haul", then I thought "$10 is a lot of money, I wonder if it's cheaper on amazon/ebay?", and it was $6.99 with free shipping on eBay, so I ordered it. I debated for maybe 30 seconds on that. I know! I'm awful! Now I don't have the money for that Sanrio plate and I'm gonna have to replace that soon.

Screenied that from the listing I got it from. lol If you haven't seen it swatched yet, click here. Course I'll have a video when I post it, but that'll just give you a reason to come back, eh?

Today the other bridesmaids and I went party/novelty shopping. I headed out early so I could swing by the bank. I ended up making record time today so I stopped by the mall...

Had to go to Hot Topics to get one of those skull polishes. I almost got the green, but that was blacklight and I wanted glow polish. I've read good things about it's glow-ability so *fingers crossed*. They had this big ol' bottle of Manic Panic "Iceburg" (which is like a blurple) in clearance for $7 and I couldn't resist.

I was early getting to Cindies (no idea how) so I popped into Big Lots....

(omg mani preview!! oops) Yep, same ones I had last time. They had these and some candy canes, but even for $3 I wasn't thrilled about those. So I got these since I'm doing Lydia for Halloween. I still want to try that mummy water marble Colette did, I'll just have to do that at the beginning of the month.

I did pick up a few things for the bachelorette party at Cindies. Also picked up a few things for myself. ;) You don't need pics of that, though. Hope everyone's week is off to a great start! I should probably be doing dishes....

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