Saturday, June 30, 2012

Julep July Box and Lynn Swatch

Didn't I say "could be here by Saturday"? Oh yes I did and yes it was! Holy cow I checked the package tracker last night and was so dejected because it had just left Washington (state) and I thought I'd have to wait until Monday, then bright and early this morning *knock~knock~knock* "I need your signature, ma'am" *faints* Seriously? Kudos Julep! That's gotta be 2-day airmail for free!!

So, what did I get? Let's see!

There was this little insert demonstrating how I can use Lynn and Yumi (which I'm pronouncing "you-me") together for some funky frenching.

The promised voucher for one free polish for being a new Maven. It's not too late for you to be a new Maven, too!

The nude lip gloss called Peony.

My polishes! Lynn, Yumi and America the Beautiful. *swoons* Also....

Some red, white & blue streamer filler and 3 atomic fireballs which I love. Stop trying to make me fat!! XD

The first thing I did was a quick opacity test. That's one coat each over yesterday's mani so I wasn't saddled with any super sheers. Yay!

Apparently the latest trend is monochromatic (matching) eyes/lips/nails/cheeks. So each box had a lip gloss to match one of the polishes. That's why I got the "American Beauty" box with the nude lip gloss. I don't generally dress up my lips too much since I wear so much eye makeup. Balance. ;)

Lynn is a gorgeous sort of pinkish nude. It looks a *tad* frosty in some angles, but not annoyingly so.

This is three coats with top-and-basecoat. I think next time I'll leave it at two since apparently that VNL isn't going away. That's okay, though. Will make it more dainty for a proper french.

*yikes* Sorry about that one. Trying to show off the matching lips and nails. I really hate to say it, but from the moment I started applying it I remembered why I stopped wearing tinted lip gloss. Why are they all so sticky?! It wasn't so bad when I was a kid, but now that stickiness bothers me a great deal. Stickier than 10 year old lipstick is too sticky. And the color is hard to get even, it'll disappear in spots and get all thick around the edges.... That said I do like how (once I got it even) it toned down my natural lip color without making my lips disappear and I do love that shine. Fair trade? Not sure. I'll try swapping it out with my normal lip color for a bit and see if it grows on me.

So sore and exhausted. I think I'll watch Colette's latest video and then Sim 'til bedtime. Happy July Eve!! ;) LOL


  1. Yumi looks amaze! All that glitter :D I love matchy nails and lips it's so cute!

    1. Thank you, thank you. lol I can't wait to try Yumi. I'm thinking first thing on the 5th!


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