Sunday, June 10, 2012

Essence: Wake Up & Walk On Air +Zombie Head!

So last night I was having a hard time deciding what polish to wear for today. I was feeling a bit whimsical so I chose two. Both essence. Wake Up is an orange cream and Walk On Air is a blue cream.

I didn't really do "accent nails" (my right hand is just the opposite of my left) because I wanted to do tips!

Cute. :) I didn't do these right away. Had some running around to do this morning so while I was out I picked up this "salon quick dry" spray from Walmart. I had been looking at it a few times then last night I finally checked out some reviews and people realy like it, so I figured I could give it a shot for $2. (ok, a little over $2) I came home, did the tips and then sprayed them before working on the underside of the house again. So, how did my nails fare in this initial test?

ACK! lol Not horrible. I only had to redo two nails before heading out again. Tonight gets to be my "the only time I have to do my nails is before bed" test. Then I'll show you the can and give y'all my honest opinion. Tomorrow I'll also give my rundown on the amazing pedi cream from Julep. It says visible results in 1-to-2 days, but my feet get pretty rough so I'll be fair and give it three.

Ok, the other and possibly more real reason I'm putting all that off for tomorrow is that today I want to share a zombie head that Aaron made. It was a request from his mom and she absolutely loved it! Of course I had to get pictures before it went away to it's new home. The concept is that it was a zombie that got killed and mounted like a trophy.

Pretty cool, huh? He was taking a picture with his phone to send to her and I couldn't resist the sort of freak-show quality.

"Oh wow, zombie head. I gotta get a picture of this." Just think, one day that could be a common sight.... *spooky music* Hope everyone's enjoyed their weekend. :)

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