Friday, June 29, 2012

Essence: Hard to Resist, WnW: We Need To Talk & SH: Carnelian Chrome

Yep, that's a mouthful. Was only going to be two polishes, but things happen. Went to Walmart to pick up a little something for a swap package I'm putting together and spied something I couldn't resist. ;)

Hard to Resist was a bit thick and took a while to dry. I think that may have been more to do with the age of the bottle than any real problem with the polish.

HTR is a beautiful shimmery dark dark blue. Not quite vampy, because you can always tell it's blue, but very dark.

That's three coats with a topcoat. Intended to only do two, but the thickness of the polish made it easily dentable. Ready to see what I found at Walmart? Abbie, avert your eyes!

The display was missing the blue, but I think this may be the only glitter crackle. There was a red creme and a black and a silver shimmer one as well. I think WnW went with the whole "cracked" bit when naming their polishes. All of them had to do with breakups. This one is We Need To Talk... and I think the silver one was "You're To Good For Him" which... I almost got, but in my experience it's usually my guy friends being way too good for the skanks they pick up, so... yeah.

I wish the glitter was a bit more dense. I tried to put it on super thick, but you can still see the under-color through the glitter. :/ Ah well, I've heard people having problems with the purple ChG glitter crackle as well. Might still get that one to see for myself....

Ok, Abbie, you can look now. ;)

I've been walking around with naked toes for a few days now, so I decided to go ahead and tick another Chrome off of my list. This one is Sally Hansen Carnelian Chrome.

I don't mind red on my toes as much as my fingers. Maybe because my Granny would paint my toes red, so it feels like a "foot" kind of color? *shrugs* This polish went on smoothly and dried nearly instantly just like all of the rest in this mostly defunct line. lol I almost feel bad showing them because they're "hard to find" (there are some on amazon that look decently priced (between $4-$10) but I didn't check shipping, just checked if they were there... and they are), but I can't stand all those un-linked images on my stash page.

Kind of interesting. I did meet my insane SwagBucks goal yesterday, and had a few hits from Copious, but no one helped (except Aaron who always earns my first SwagBuck of the day) or took advantage. Like people hate free money.... :p Whatever, like I said: I hit my goal and I've got my free polish coming so whatever. I've got some awesome polishes coming my way and Aaron hasn't given me crap about my collection growing long after I said "don't let me buy anymore polish" so I couldn't be happier.

Oh! I really shouldn't be allowed online. I've added 15 Misa polishes and one (so far) Color Club to my "must have" list. XD Actually, the Misas were fortunate. I was thinking all of the colors on my list were bright and cheery for the most part, but there will be times when I want something dark and moody and Misa really filled that gap. If you're wondering how I'm compiling this insane list, most of it's from head2toebeauty. Seriously, click, check the prices, join my insanity! XD They do charge growing shipping, so.... I'm going to have to take that into concideration to make sure it's still "small/light" enough to be shipped USPS because UPS is... well... let's say awful at finding us all of a sudden. Hope everyone has a safe weekend!!


  1. I totally ment to check that out...and I forgot! I have to fight to get on my computer now...and then when I finally do get on johnny wants my attention and throws a fit till I get off...then I have to fight again to get on MY computer

    1. You totally need to find a better way to work that. :p Oh, you know what? Password protect it. hehehe Then you say "No, it's my computer time." Hell, install some parental control software and set a timer. If it's your computer you can do what you want to it, right?

  2. Hahaha! Thanks for the warning but I saw the crack!! That one looked like it didn't work :P I like the blue and your nails are looking very nice!


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