Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Essence: Gleam In Blue & Finger Paints: Cop An Attitude

Did I seriously not blog yesterday? Seriously, I did not. I'm glad my mom reminded me Sunday night that she had an appointment in Georgetown early yesterday morning because I had totally forgotten. I was trying to do my hair (still working on that...) and it was getting late so I opted for essence: Gleam In Blue. A color I've been meaning to try for a while, but kept putting off.

(Guess who forgot to pick up 8oz of cream cheese?) This one absolutely lives up to the name Colour & Go! Opaque in one coat and fully dry within an hour, without the spray or topcoat or anything. Such a lovely, shimmery sky blue. Gleam In Blue quickly moved itself near the top of my essence favorites.

Sunday night while waiting for GIB to dry I was sitting here surfing. Colette posted up a blog to go with one of her uploaded videos and while checking that out there was an ad on the sidebar for Sephora. Oh why not? *click~click~click* and OMG there's a Sephora in Georgetown! *click~click~click* to mapquest and it's only a mile or so away from my mom's appointment! *clickclickclick* They have Hello Kitty nail polish?! *faints* In addition to a slew of other wicked awesome looking polishes. Well, that's fortunate. Ish... I was concerned about money, but Aaron told me to check it out anyway and get myself a Kitty polish. Certainly not going to argue with that....

My mom's appointment was at 9am, Sephora opens at 10am. Guess who's appointment only took about 10 minutes? Yep. So Sephora opened roughly about the time we were pulling into the driveway. Ah well. It'll give me a chance to save up and splurge and it's not really that far away. Not waiting around gave Aaron and me time to run out for lunch (Chinese!) and run into a couple of places polish-hunting. All will be explained soon. ;) I found most of what I was looking for and came home to order the rest. I had enough time to eat half of my lunch before appointment number two.

This one took quite a bit longer. Almost 2 1/2 hours longer. It was kind of a lumped together seminar-like screening... thing. It was weird, but fortunate they didn't finish up with my mom early because I had the opportunity to be a good Girl Scout and help this older Asian lady fill out her paperwork since the techs running the show went to lunch. -_- Both her and my mom got a good laugh at my expense when I didn't "know" (assume) that at 65 she would have "obviously" gone through menopause already. I'm not her doctor, I don't know these things! Anyway, I was exhausted and we still had to pick up dinner and I still had to do some money-making online (and fill out more applications...) and that's why I didn't blog.

Catching up to today! While polish-hunting yesterday I was perusing the clearance bin in Sally's and noticed this lonely little polish for only $3. Finger Paints: Cop An Attitude. Oh, you poor lonely little magnetic! Everybody hates you now, and that's why you're so cheap. Don't you worry, Lizzy will give you a good home. Lizzy loves you.

Cop An Attitude by itself is a lovely brown-bronze with red shimmer.

It applied so smoothly and even globbing on the second coat, I didn't make too big of a mess! O_o Right? I really appreciate Finger Paints being honest about the "wave" design instead of trying to claim it as a chevron.

Just a teeny bit of a side-note here. I realize magnetics aren't the big deal they were just a short while ago (and a downright "dirty word" to some), but I'd still like to share why it's such a big deal to me when a magnet actually wraps the design fully across my nails.

Look at that! Practically half-circles. That's a lot of real estate from apex to ends. So if my experiences of half-designs has deterred you at all, fear not! Give it a try. Some magnets are far stronger than others and your nails are probably a lot flatter than mine. ;)

See? This one's not that bad. If you've been wondering what I did with my bottle of matte topcoat....

I still have it. lol Just keep forgetting to pull my fresh bottle out of the box under my bed. Totally worth fishing into a half-empty bottle for a magnetic, though.

So awesome. Just updated my spreadsheet with the polishes I've got linked on my stash page. Even noticed an SH chrome that wasn't on my stash page.... here I was wondering where the extra image came from. Ooops. Now to update again with Finger Paints! OMG Tomorrow I should get invoiced for July's Julep Box!! I'm so excited for this one, and I have a couple of ideas for 4th of July designs. Also, I'm sure America The Beautiful is going to be a sheer jelly so I'll be layering it over an un-used chrome. ;) Ok, then..... Sorry that got a bit wordy. LOL I'm not really, it's my blog and I'll ramble sometimes. Time to update some html!!


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  2. Well it certainly is gleaming ;) however I do like the mattified magnet as it looks like fur, like a big cosy fur coat, I like :D

    1. omg It does look like a fur coat! :D I didn't even see that before.


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