Thursday, June 28, 2012

Essence: Choose Me!

I can not believe I'm about to say this, but.... I'm so disappointed in this one. The color is amazing! Seriously pretty. The huge drawback is that for some reason essence made a "Colour & Go" polish that is.... wait for it... a freakin' jelly!

That's three coats and plenty of VNL to show for it. I sat here for an hour, touched my thumb and OMG fingerprint right in my polish. That was after 2 coats, so I added another then topcoated.

The good news is that after topcoating it was still tacky about 20 minutes later so I ran to the bathroom and sprayed that quick-dry spray up close and long enough to see it beading up on my nails and *voila* instant dry. So the spray works at least as well as that. Unfortunate, I really do love this color....

I did have a bit of good fortunate just half an hour ago that I will now be passing on to you! I was checking out Lace & Lacquers and she was showing off a polish she got for just a penny. No, not Julep. Well, I had to investigate and sure enough after logging in with my facebook account I also got $10 free at! Which I have already spent on two metallic KleanColor polishes. A black and a green. The best part? If you click on that link and log in through facebook you can get $10 free as well! Just click "explore" and use the links on the left to narrow your search. "Nail polish", "free shipping" and scroll down towards the bottom because a lot of people are selling Sinful Colors and Wet and Wild for $5 which is crazy. Course, $8 for two KleanColor may be crazy to some, but I can't find those offline. So, yeah, click away and go nuts. It's free! I did need my card for the 1cent whatever processing charge, but that was really no different than Julep. I'm seriously debating with myself over going back and getting this cute heart-glitter polish. Not the OPI one, but close. We'll see.... Going back to Georgetown next month and doing the whole wedding mani-pedi thing.... oy.... Back to clicking for cash....

Almost the weekend!

Have not been able to get a decent picture with this hair yet.... Keep looking odd. lol

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