Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Essence: Break Through & SC: Let Me Go

Funny story. I picked up Break Through before I started on my quest to collect every essence I could find, but not until after I saw it swatched..... I would swear on The Collegiate Nail, but I can't find the post if it was. :/ Anyway, Break Through is an absolutely beautifully smooth purple cream.

There's really nothing "special" so it really doesn't warrant a close-up, but here it is anyway!

I picked up Let Me Go a while ago. I don't think it was even on sale. The bottle is just mesmerizing. I did kinda swatch it once on it's own here, and it was a little disappointing. Then I saw it on The Collegiate Nail over a dusty lavendar here and it looked better. I was going over my stash page and thought, "I should give that another chance". So I did! It is a very odd polish.....

And one more in the shade.

I think I want to try it over a few more base colors. White, grey, black... maybe blue and green. That's five! lol Not out of the question. We'll see, right?

Money's a little tight at the moment so I tried to be really good. I haven't been back to Ulta yet (Friday!) or the mall (maybe also Friday!), but they happen to sell polish everywhere I shop.

I didn't realize Sinful Colors was on sale for $1.50 until checkout so that was a nice surprise. I just wanted a back-up white since I only have the one. That's Snow Me White and the essence is Black Is Back and as far as the displays around here it's the last one I didn't have. :( It makes me sad because I know they get a lot more overseas. Maybe start trolling around amazon and eBay and see if I can find the Denim Lovers collection or something.... I'm not getting the clear because, well, clear is not a color. lol

I forgot to mention yesterday, but Sandy talked me into more polish. I know, hard to do. She signed up for that Julep Maven box for 1 penny and confirmed that it worked. She got her box (super quick) and was only charged 1 penny. So I had to get my polishes for a penny, too! I got a shipment confirmation email and the information leads me to believe that this offer is open internationally (worth a look!) and using her referral link I didn't even have to put in a code for the 1cent box. So maybe if you use my link it'll do the same? *fingers crossed* And just in case anybody is skeptical about the "one penny" part, I took a screenie. :p

We were both kinda hoping that I would get a different profile from hers (we both ended up Boho Glam) so I could get different polishes, but she's so excited about both of hers that I don't quite mind getting the same. I'm going to go for at least one more month to see how I feel before cancelling, but hey! If two of you use my link I can get a month free! :D Yep, bit of shameless self-promotion there. Now to catch up on facebook, update my stash page and spreadsheet and get back to my Sims. No idea what I'm going to put on my nails next....

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